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Jeremy Fragrance posts photos with right-wing extremists – here he explains why

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Jeremy Fragrance posts photos with right-wing extremists – here he explains why

Jeremy Fragrance is one of the most famous influencers in Germany. picture alliance / SVEN SIMON | Julian Meusel / SVEN SIMON

Influencer Jeremy Fragrance is causing a stir by sharing photos on Instagram of himself with right-wing populists.

Below is a picture with a sign from the right-wing populist newspaper “Deutschlandkurier”.

When asked by Business Insider, Fragrance explains that at the time of the photo he didn’t know who he was being photographed with.

Influencer Jeremy Fragrance is once again making a name for himself. The reason: The social media star – whose real name is Daniel Schütz – made several posts on his Instagram story over the weekend, where he appeared with right-wing extremists. 1.1 million people follow the perfume influencer on this platform alone.

In one photo, for example, the perfume influencer smiles into the camera while holding up a sign that says “Deutschlandkurier”. Background: The “Deutschlandkurier” is a right-wing populist newspaper that is close to the AfD.

These are the scandalous photos of the perfume influencer

Also in the photo: David Bendels. He is editor-in-chief and publisher of the “Deutschlandkurier,” reports the „Spiegel“. He also headed the now defunct “Association for the Preservation of the Rule of Law and Civil Liberties”.

Jeremy Fragrance advertises for the “Deutschland Kurier”. Instagram Jeremy Fragrance / Screenshot

Large numbers of this newspaper were made available to the AfD free of charge during the 2017 and 2018 election campaigns, which later turned out to be illegal party financing. As a result, the party had to pay back funds to the Bundestag administration. As part of the related investigations, Bendels’ private and business premises were also searched.

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“Spiegel” also reports that Fragrance was also photographed with Alexander Kleine. The magazine writes that he is “one of the best-known activists in the right-wing extremist Identitarian movement.” He has been running a media agency for several years. Fragrance holds a sticker up to the camera. The right-wing extremist “Junge Alternative” in Brandenburg used the agency to advertise, according to “Spiegel”.

Jeremy Fragrance with Alexander Kleine. Screenshot Instagram / Jeremy Fragrance

Fragrance: “I didn’t know what it stood for”

Another photo shows Fragrance with Gerald Grosz, an Austrian right-wing populist politician. Grosz is criticized, among other things, for various statements. According to the public prosecutor’s office, on February 22nd of this year he called Söder, among other things, a “corona autocrat”, “traitor” and “Södolf”, as the “SZ” reported. He called Health Minister Karl Lauterbach a “virological horror clown”.

Fragrance with the right-wing populist politician Grosz. Instagram Jeremy Fragrance / Screenshot

This is what Jeremy Fragrance says about the scandal photos

The photos are already causing a stir. On the social media platform Reddit, for example, a user writes: “His fragrance business can’t be going that well if he lets himself be put in charge of something like that.”

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What does Jeremy Fragrance say about all this? He responded to a query from Business Insider by email: At the time of the photo, he did not know what the Austrian politician Grosz stood for. Grosz asked him for a photo, which Fragrance obliged. He generally takes photos with people who are likeable. “I didn’t know what he stood for,” Fragrance tells Business Insider. He left the other photos, for example with the “Deutschlandkurier”, uncommented.

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