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Jiaxing Implements “Three Innovations” to Strengthen State-Owned Enterprise Procurement and Prevent Corruption

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Jiaxing, a city in China, has implemented “three innovations” to standardize state-owned enterprise procurement and enhance measures against corruption. The Jiaxing Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, along with five other departments, recently issued the “Jiaxing Municipal State-owned Enterprise Procurement Management Implementation Measures (Trial),” which is the first unified procurement management system for municipal state-owned enterprises in the city.

This new system aims to clarify the procurement code of conduct for state-owned enterprises and categorizes procurement into three types – paid goods, projects, and services. Depending on the purchase amount, these categories are further divided into subcategories such as engineering projects, production and operation materials, and non-production and operation materials and services. Tailored whole-process procurement control requirements have been established for each type, ensuring comprehensive management and full coverage of state-owned enterprise procurement.

The new measures also emphasize the need to strengthen supplier and expert management. To achieve efficient and high-quality procurement, a blacklist system has been established. This system will aid in identifying and addressing any irregularities in the procurement process.

The Jiaxing Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission has been pushing for procurement reform in response to identified issues in state-owned enterprises and the requirements set by the provincial party committee inspections. By integrating existing procurement management methods and drawing inspiration from successful practices in other cities, such as Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Huzhou, Jiaxing aims to standardize procurement behavior and establish a strong defense line against corruption.

Furthermore, to enhance the efficiency of procurement, the Jiaxing Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission has focused on incorporating digital technology. The Jiaxing Municipal Property Rights Company has developed and launched the Jiaxing “Hecai Lian” comprehensive procurement service platform. This platform offers procurement services for goods, services, and engineering projects within a specific quota. Through the integration of information technology and corporate procurement scenarios, the platform facilitates online transactions throughout the entire procurement process. From project establishment to bid opening and evaluation, the platform ensures transparency and traceability. By reducing transaction costs and enhancing supervision and management, the platform promotes sunshine transactions in state-owned enterprise procurement.

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The transition of state-owned enterprise procurement to the “Hecailian” platform signifies a new era of “Internet + Procurement” in Jiaxing. This shift aims to break spatial and geographical restrictions, achieve procurement traceability and information disclosure, and create an open, efficient, and transparent transaction environment. By injecting new momentum into the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises, Jiaxing seeks to build clean and reliable state-owned enterprises.

Overall, Jiaxing’s implementation of the “three innovations” in state-owned enterprise procurement showcases the city’s commitment to combating corruption and promoting transparency and efficiency in procurement processes.

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