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Leasing a VW T-Roc privately: secure a top offer for the SUV now

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Leasing a VW T-Roc privately: secure a top offer for the SUV now

Where can you lease the VW T-Roc cheaply privately? There is an exciting offer for the popular SUV here! PR/Business Insider

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With the VW T-Roc The manufacturer Volkswagen seems to have met the taste of German drivers. So he’s not just one of those in this country most popular SUVsbut it is also among the best-selling vehicles of the past year. No wonder, after all, the T-Roc offers a lot of space and comfort as well as at least as much power (depending on the version, up to 300 hp, which can reach a maximum of 250 km/h). And the best thing is: In contrast to many other SUVs, it is also quite affordable. Be The base price starts at around 25,860.00 euros and goes up to a maximum 32.450,00 Euro. However, you can drive the T-Roc even cheaper if you lease it…

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VW T-Roc im Privatleasing: Günstiger Deal für den SUV

… and we have already found the right offer for it! In our Leasing-Rechner we have after Deals for the VW T-Roc wanted. The best offer we came across during our research comes from 9Drive. Private customers there can lease the popular SUV for just 199.00 euros per month*. The term is 48 Fun with a mileage of 10,000 kilometers per year (a total of 40,000 kilometers).

Although there is no deposit required for this offer, you must be prepared for a one-time payment. So will you 1,599.00 euros for the transfer of the T-Rocs. This is a standard payment that also applies to other providers – so you won’t be ripped off. What else do you think about him? Leasing-Deal für den VW T-Roc* If you should know, we have summarized it for you here:

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Leasing a VW T-Roc: The most important information at a glance

target group: Private leasing

Duration: 48 Fun

mileage: 10,000 kilometers per year

Monthly Rate: 199,00 Euro

Bereitstellungsgebühr: one-off 1,599.00 euros

Special payment: no

Leasingfaktor: 0,50

Total cost factor: 0,58

Is the private leasing deal for the VW T-Roc worth it?

As part of this Offer for the T-Roc* you pay in total 11.151,00 Euro. These total costs include 48 monthly installments of 199.00 euros as well as the provision costs of 1,599.00 euros. If you distribute the sum over the 48-month term, you get one effective monthly rate of 232.31 euros.

A look at our leasing calculator shows that this is a pretty good rate. We could no Find a better offer for the T-Roc in our leasing calculator. The leasing conditions are comparable (equipment and design vary, however).

In addition, both the Leasing– as well as the total cost factor below the value one lay. That’s usually an indicator of one very good leasing offer. In this respect, this deal can really be worth it – especially if you are thinking about leasing the VW T-Roc anyway.

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The VW T-Roc at a glance

We already made it clear at the beginning of this article that the VW T-Roc is popular. But what can he do? SUV from the 9Drive* range überhaupt? You can find the most important key data about the T-Roc in this overview:

List price: 39.952,25 Euro

drive: Gasoline

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circuit: manual

Performance: 110 PS (81 Kilowatts)

Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 185 km/h

Fuel consumption: combined 5.9 liters per 100 kilometers

CO2 emissions: combined 135 grams per kilometer

Furnishing: Air conditioning, Bluetooth, on-board computer, multifunction steering wheel, USB, parking assistance and more

Color: Ascotgrau

delivery time: Available immediately

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