Home Business Listed bank stocks have a net break rate of 85%, and many banks start price stabilization plans within this year

Listed bank stocks have a net break rate of 85%, and many banks start price stabilization plans within this year

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  BankStock performance continues to be sluggish, listingBankshareholderExecutivesContinue to increase his own stocks out of his own pocket, and 9 companies have been listed during the yearBankThe price stabilization program was launched, and the total amount of holdings increased to 235 million yuan.

July 23,Bank of ChongqingreleaseannouncementAccording to the statement, the bank’s A-shares have closed at a price lower than the net assets per share for 20 consecutive trading days. After reaching the triggering conditions for triggering measures to stabilize the stock price, the bank issued an announcement on price stabilization measures on August 5. Current non-independent directors, senior executives, number oneShareholder increaseShare measures stabilize the stock price.

Public information shows thatBank of ChongqingIt was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on February 5 and was the first listed bank during the year. The issue price was RMB 10.83 per share. It rose 44.04% on the first day of listing and closed at RMB 15.6 per share. As of August 5, the bank reported 9.14 yuan per share, down 15.6% from the issue price, and the price-to-book ratio was 0.82 times.

According to Caijing.com, it is not only the bank stocks that have broken netBank of ChongqingOne, data shows that as of August 5, 34 of the 40 listed banks on the A-share market have a price-to-book ratio of less than one time, and a net-breaking rate of 85%.Among them, the price-to-book ratio is lower than (inclusive) 0.5 timesShanghai Pudong Development BankHSBC BankMinsheng Bank, Yu Agricultural Bank,Bank of BeijingBank of CommunicationsBank of ChinaCITIC BankMinsheng BankThe P/B ratio is the lowest among all banks, only 0.37 times.

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To this end, many banks have launched plans to stabilize their stock prices, mainly through the use of their own funds to increase their shareholding by directors, executives, and shareholders.According to the financial analysis of Caijing.com, includingBank of ChongqingIncluding, nine banks have launched price stabilization measures during the year, including Chongqing Agricultural Bank,Zijin BankZheshang BankPostal Savings BankBank of Xi’anBank of ChangshaBank of Zhengzhou, Qingnong Bank, has completed or planned to increase its holdings by a total of nearly 235 million yuan.

(Source: Caijing.com)

Article source: Caijing.com

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Original title: Corporate View | Listed bank stocks have a net break rate of 85%, and many banks start price stabilization plans this year

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