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Made in Italy to historical record

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Four hundred and ninety-nine billion and 850 million. To want to be very picky, something is still missing but in fact we are: in the last 12 months Italian exports reach 500 billion euros, obviously the new all-time high. By accumulating the data from last October to the last survey in September 2021, we see a disruptive trend, certainly accelerated by the price effect and the surge in price lists but also visible in the volumes exported.

In September, annual growth was 10.3%, stronger in Europe (+ 15%) than in non-EU countries, where the weaknesses of Switzerland and the United States weigh.

However, this growth remains solid, with our main commercial outlets, Germany and France, growing convincingly, by 12.5 and 8.8 points respectively.

In terms of sectors, progress is visible everywhere with only two exceptions: cars, which dropped 21 points compared to September 2020, and clothing, at the stake with progress limited to 0.6%.

The surge in factor prices is evident, with import prices growing annually by 12.3%, by 56% for the energy sector alone. Price lists effect also visible from the sales side, with average unit values ​​growing by 7.5% (+ 78% for energy), even if the comforting aspect concerns volumes, which in any case increased by 2.6%, to testimony of absolute progress not linked only to inflationary aspects.

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