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Mediobanca: Benetton leave the light agreement. “Willingness not to take sides.” Del Vecchio: governance changes

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Edizione Srl of Benettons, which holds 2.1% in Mediobanca through its subsidiary Schematrentatre, announces that the consultation agreement between Mediobanca shareholders signed on 28 December 2018 and expiring on 31 December has been sent. 2021.

Thus announces a note from the company, explaining that “the cancellation is part of the process of redefining the strategic lines of the group and has the aim of maintaining the absolute neutrality of the vision of Edizione in relation to the financial investments held, with the willingness not to take sides in the current events affecting Mediobanca, while expressing full appreciation for the activity carried out by its management Β».


The Benettons are involved in the match for Generali, of which they control almost 4 percent.

Delfin (Del Vecchio) presents proposals for amendments to the statute

Meanwhile, Delfin, the holding company of Leonardo Del Vecchio, asked to integrate the agenda of the Mediobanca shareholders’ meeting on October 28th, proposing to “eliminate the statutory requirement according to which three directors (in the event that the board has more than thirteen members) must have been executives of the Mediobanca group for at least three years and also to increase the number of minority directors “, with the provision that” more lists may contribute to the appointment of such directors “. We read it in a note.

Delfin does not intend to revoke the current Board of Directors

Delfin reassures that he does not want to provoke reversals at the top of Mediobanca. The financial, it is written in a note, “does not envisage or intend to revoke the current board of directors before the end of its mandate”.
The press release further explains that the proposed amendment to the bank’s statute “does not pursue the aim of replacing the current directors or managers of the bank, but rather that of ensuring that, from now on, they operate within a framework of corporate governance rules consistent with best practices and are strongly encouraged to focus on the creation of value for all shareholders, leaving the board of directors and shareholders – as happens in any other company – the right to ultimately decide who should manage the bank “.

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