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Minimum wage, entrepreneurs promote it: “Pay slips must be defended”

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Minimum wage, entrepreneurs promote it: “Pay slips must be defended”

It will be that at the forum Ambrosetti mainly entrepreneurs and managers of large companies participate, in short, places where national contracts and related company supplementary agreements are almost always the norm, and therefore applying the minimum wage would not have a great impact; will be that low salaries and inflation contract i consume and therefore in the end they all lose out.

The substance is that in the temple of Italian capitalism the centre-left and 5 Star proposal – no hourly wages below 9 euros gross – not only does not scandalize but, on the contrary, is seen as a good measure. It is no coincidence that in the morning the selected audience was shown a graph of the “Global attractiveness index 2023”, elaborated by The European House — Ambrosetti and edited by the former minister Enrico Giovannini. Low and not very dynamic wages, in thirty years Italy – unlike Germany, France and Spain – has not increased the average salary by one euro, which has actually decreased by 488 dollars. To make a merciless comparison, the German workers in the same period of time they raised it $13,747.

On page 131 of the report it is clearly written: «There are multiple actions that could and should be implemented to ensure greater attractiveness and stimulate the economic and social growth of the country, in order to establish an entrepreneurial ecosystem more compatible with the needs of companies, workers and investors, including an urgent intervention on wages.

They have thus had good game either Elly Schlein (linked) that Giuseppe Conte and Carlo Calenda to reiterate the proposal of the opposition. And if the enthusiasm towards the Pd secretary and the president of the M5S is not enormous in the establishment, the leader of Action is certainly considered a point of reference for this world. «The Financial Times, the OECD, the EU, the Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz all agree. Let’s do this blessed minimum wage. It is not the panacea for all ills, but it is a protection against exploitation», says Calenda. “We are a responsible employer – reasons Mariangela Marseglia, head of Amazon in Italy and Spain – who treat workers well and pay them well beyond the contractual minimums, therefore more than the minimum wage. And we are organized with shifts that allow us to better reconcile private needs, especially for women ». Alberto Bombasei he is the founder and president emeritus of Brembo, the global company based in Bergamo (5 factories in China) that produces brakes for cars all over the world. Former vice president of Confindustria, in 2013 he was also elected to Parliament with Mario Monti’s civic choice. He has been saying it for some time and repeats it: «The minimum wage is useful, we need to defend the paychecks of those who earn 1,300-1,500 euros a month. Today, thanks to technology, the cost of labor affects the total value of the finished product much less than it once did. We cannot ignore the problem, the social aspect of the problem must also be considered, so that it does not explode». The reduction of the tax wedge is certainly another measure that pleases, given that it allows for a few tens of euros more to be put into the workers’ paychecks at practically no cost to the company. But that’s another aspect of the discussion, not the only one.

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Carlalberto Guglielminotti, managing director of the Nhoa group, active in technologies that allow the transition to clean energy and sustainable mobility, is convinced that «the minimum wage is a dutiful measure and it is right to adopt it in Italy. Having said that, for us the argument is off the scale: we sell successfully all over the world thanks to the value of our employees, who must be remunerated more than the market. The right wage should not be the point of arrival of the discussion for an entrepreneur, but the starting point”. The more than 500 workers of the company therefore have an additional welfare, the possibility of working remotely and also the choice of the most congenial hours. “Only in this way can we attract and motivate the best,” adds Guglielminotti.

In short, it seems that there is a general awareness on the subject, and perhaps in the background the phenomenon of large resignations tells the global need of the modern working class to improve their economic conditions and the quality of work. It is no coincidence that the Minister of Labor Marina Cauldron he seems to have adjusted the shot, from the minimum wage that is not needed to the minimum wage that is not enough by itself: «We need regular work and to rescue the many people who work in non-visible and non-regular conditions from illegality. I don’t think we can say that the intervention ends solely and exclusively with the introduction of a legal minimum wage fixed by law », she explained. But precisely: starting from the minimum can have the effect of making everyone go back up.

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