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Nursing fund of funds of returns with a wide spread

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Nursing fund of funds of returns with a wide spread

Attractive offer from the market leader with broad risk diversification.


You can invest in the IMMAC yield fund of funds from as little as EUR 10,000. By participating in the fund of funds, investors participate in the results of several target funds. With an investment, both opportunities and risks are thus spread across a diversified investment portfolio.

The fund company, managed by HKA Hanseatische Kapitalverwaltung GmbH, which belongs to the IMMAC group, will only invest in target funds of the IMMAC group as planned. The aim of the fund company is to realize a constantly increasing distribution in a range of 3.00 to 5.00 percent pa in the coming years, depending on the market development of interest rates and purchase prices.

The conclusion of kapital-markt intern: The innovative offer is an investment of trust in the know-how of a very experienced provider, which is well suited for addition due to the broader risk diversification in the promising growth markets.

IMMAC yield fund of funds:

Non-cyclical growth market

Desirable location in Germany

Cheap purchase

No construction and completion risks

Attractive monthly payouts

Investment capital performance

Long-term non-cancellable leases

Experienced operators

Inflation protection through long-term indexed lease

Additional costs and maintenance are borne by the operator

Participation from EUR 10,000

Projected term around 16 years

Experienced management

TKL.Analysis Rating * * * * * very good

Excellent track record

Rental and lease income

The IMMAC real estate yield fund of funds has invested again and current investors can look forward to monthly distributions and an increased total return as usual. The way is not over yet! Further investments have already been acquired by IMMAC target funds. This means that nine real estate investments with four different types of use are currently available in Germany. A great and balanced spread.

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Request further information and documents:

CVM GmbH has been offering innovative investments for more than 35 years. Customers benefit from the company’s many years of experience and from attractive offers with a unique selling proposition.

company contact
Stefanie Lorenzen
Maximilianstrasse 11
63739 Aschaffenburg
06021 – 22600
06021 – 22606

Press contact
Bruni Buttner
Maximilianstrasse 11
63739 Aschaffenburg
06021 – 22600
06021 – 22606

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