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Pd, Mirabelli: “Electoral defeat? Elly Schlein is not to blame”

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Pd, Mirabelli: “Electoral defeat? Elly Schlein is not to blame”

Elections, “the unity of the opposition is required”

“It is certainly a negative result and marks a defeat for the centre-left and the opposition. It is not a homogeneous result, because in this result, however disappointing, the data from Lombardy and Campania tell us that the centre-left was able to win in those situations” . With these words the senator of the Democratic Party Franco Mirabellinear Dario Franceschiniinterviewed by Affaritaliani.it, comments on the outcome of the ballots and the first round of the municipal elections in Sicily. “I believe that this result is the result of the unity of the centre-right which has been consolidated thanks also to the government experience and is the result of the divisions of the opposition and of the centre-left. All the ballots lost by a few votes, it is clear that a more cohesive and less contentious center-left he might even have thought of getting a different result”.

Does secretary Elly Schlein have any responsibility? Did he make any mistakes? “I think we must avoid reading this result a few months after the election of Elly Schlein in a congressional key. It seems clear to me that Schlein’s victory is the result of a proposal of discontinuity with the past and building that proposal to give it credibility needs more time. Surely the choices that led to this electoral round weren’t made by Elly and I don’t think they are his responsibility. She is honored to have rightly assumed her responsibility.”

Theme alliances, what to do? M5S or former Third Pole? “I think that for the future we will all have to deal with a political system in which a centre-right that presents itself united always and everywhere foreshadows a bipolar mechanism that cannot be opposed by oppositions that march in division. We need to deal with this fact, after which 2024 will be the year of the European elections and there is work to be done to affirm the political proposal of the Democratic Party and we will do this, we will do it by strengthening the opposition. Subsequently, when we look at the majority appointments, it is clear that the theme of opposition unity is essential” concludes Mirabelli.

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