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Petrol, the discount is halved from Thursday 1 December

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Petrol, the discount is halved from Thursday 1 December

More expensive petrol from tomorrow. From midnight, the discount on fuel is halved with the increase in excise duties on petrol, diesel and LPG. An increase of 10 cents foreseen by the Meloni government with the Excise decree of last November 23rd. But the increase on supplies will be greater: if we consider that VAT at 22% is also applied to excise duties, the increase in the price at the pump for petrol and diesel will be 12.2 cents per litre. And for the state coffers, the rise in excise duties will translate into an extra 317 million euros in revenue in the month of December alone. The calculation is made by Assoutenti who estimates the effects of the halving of the cut on excise duties for the treasury considering an average of two full monthly payments per family. And marching at the rate of 317 million more per month, about 3.8 billion more will end up in the state coffers in one year.

In detail, from 1 December excise duties on petrol will rise from 47.84 to 57.84 cents per litre, those on diesel from 36.74 to 46.74 euros per litre, those on LPG from 18.26 to 26.67 cents per litre. This means – according to Codacons calculations – that on the basis of today’s fuel price lists, petrol in served mode will go from an average of 1.801 euros per liter to 1.923 euros/litre tomorrow, while diesel will drop from 1.885 euros to 2.007 euros /litre, breaking through the psychological threshold of 2 euros. For the self, the prices at the pump of the green will go from an average of 1.650 euro/litre today to 1.772 euro tomorrow, diesel from 1.733 euro/litre to 1.855 euro/litre. A full tank of petrol or diesel – always calculates the Codacons – will cost 6.1 euros more, with an increase, considering two full tanks per month, equal to +146.4 euros per family on an annual basis.

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For consumer associations, the increase in excise duties will push inflation up again, triggering a new slowdown in consumption. “We will have a white Christmas, a freeze on consumption, given the blow that families are already paying due to the price increases in November” warns the National Consumer Union and for Codacons the increase in fuel price lists “will have negative effects on inflation, leading to new price increases to the detriment of businesses and households, at a time when price lists should be controlled by any means possible”. Assoutenti asks the government to “review its decision on fuel, increasing the cut in excise duties at least until the end of the price and bill emergency in Italy, in order to lighten household spending”.

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