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Promotional ‘Zoom Up’! Auto Market Heats Up During National Day

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Promotional ‘Zoom Up’! Auto Market Heats Up During National Day

Title: Promotional “Zoom Up”! Auto Market Heats up During National Day

As the “Golden Nine and Silver Ten” peak car sales season begins, the Chinese auto market is experiencing a surge in sales. Various automakers, including AITO Wenjie, Tesla, and BYD, have launched new models and generous discounts, while local government subsidies further stimulate car purchases. This article examines the increasing supply of new cars, multiple discount stacking, and the anticipated boost in demand during the festive season.

Sales Boom Expected as National Day Discounts Reach New Highs

Hu Wei, a sales manager at a BYD store in Shenzhen, revealed that local subsidies ranging from 15,000 yuan to 22,000 yuan, combined with store subsidies, have led to unprecedented discounts on new energy models such as the Tang DM-p and the Seal 700 series. Shenzhen’s National Day discounts have reached their peak for this year, driving sales to their highest level.

New Car Supply Increases as Manufacturers Introduce Blockbuster Models

Automakers have capitalized on the “Golden Nine and Silver Ten” period by launching new models, resulting in an increase in car orders across the country. For example, AITO’s new M7, equipped with smart cockpits and smart driving technology, has received over 1,500 daily orders since its release, accumulating a total of 30,000 orders. Tesla’s new Model Y, with improved performance and enhanced features, has also experienced a surge in demand.

Multiple Discount Stacking Boosts Car Sales

Car manufacturers have offered significant discounts and promotions on new and existing models, further driving car sales during the National Day holiday. Customers purchasing the new M7, for instance, can enjoy various discounts totaling 33,000 yuan, including cash discounts, interior and exterior decoration options, and mortgage discounts. Tesla customers are eligible for discounts ranging from 3,500 to 8,000 yuan, together with a 5,000 yuan discount coupon during the National Day period.

BYD’s Popular Han and Tang Series Offer Massive Discounts

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BYD’s best-selling Han and Tang series have attracted buyers with substantial discounts. In Shenzhen, customers can benefit from discounts of up to 61,000 yuan on the Han Dm-i series and up to 83,000 yuan on the Tang DM-p old model series. The entire Seal 700 series enjoys a discount of 75,000 yuan, making it an attractive option for car buyers.

Anticipated Sales Surge and Increased Market Competition

Experts predict that this year’s “Golden Nine and Silver Ten” period, combined with favorable policies and the launch of new models, will result in record-breaking sales. However, increased supply and price competition among car companies may exert pressure on profits and business operations.

The Chinese auto market is witnessing a sales boom driven by promotional discounts during the National Day holiday. Car manufacturers are launching new models and offering significant discounts on existing models, leading to increased consumer enthusiasm for car purchases. As the market competition intensifies, the industry anticipates robust sales during the “Golden Nine and Silver Ten” period, promoting the growth of the domestic electric vehicle market.

Note: This article is sourced from China Securities News and is for informational purposes only. Readers are advised to exercise caution and make their own investment decisions.

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