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Qualcomm talks about the renaming of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1: The numbers are not enough and it is related to Chinese fans-Qualcomm Qualcomm

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At the Snapdragon Technology Summit two days ago, Qualcomm officially launched a new generation of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 platform. Compared with the 4nm process, CPU/GPU architecture upgrades, and millions of running points, the most talked about this time The name of the Snapdragon chip was changed. The name 8 Gen 1 is really hard to pronounce. Everyone knows that the previous Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are named with numbers, which are simple and easy to remember, and the chip positioning can be clearly distinguished by numbers. For example, Snapdragon 8 is better than Snapdragon 7 series, and Snapdragon 888 is better than Snapdragon. 870, Snapdragon 865 is better, everyone is used to this mode.


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Why did you change your name this time? Don McGuire, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Qualcomm, explained the name change.It means that the number naming is no longer used purely because the number is not enough. Last year, it was Snapdragon 888. If you continue to use numbers, only Snapdragon 899 will be available.

The name change that everyone is concerned about this time is the digital part at the back. In fact, Qualcomm is not only changing the name of the digital series. The most important change this time is the independent branding of Snapdragon. There is no longer the words Qualcomm Qualcomm in the front, and this name change follows Chinese fans are concerned.

Don McGuire explained,In the Chinese market, Qualcomm did not add the company name at the beginning, but directly promoted the Snapdragon brand.The current name change is the first time it has been used worldwide.

According to Qualcomm’s research, many people know Snapdragon but don’t know the word Qualcomm. Therefore, when Qualcomm + Snapdragon is bundled as a brand, the company’s name is actually still negatively affected, so it is directly removed and only the Snapdragon brand will be promoted in the future. .

Of course, this matter is not as noticeable as the cancellation of digital naming in China, because Qualcomm said that it did not add Qualcomm’s company name when it was launched in China.


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