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Resignation for Delmastro? Not at all: the undersecretary at dinner with Cantone

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Resignation for Delmastro?  Not at all: the undersecretary at dinner with Cantone

Andrea Delmastro Delle Vedove

Cospito, Delmastro does not resign: Meloni locks him down. And the undersecretary goes to dinner with the prosecutor of Perugia Cantone

Resignation? It’s not talked about. Delmastro relaunches his action as Undersecretary of Justice by visiting the prison of Perugia. It does so on the day the Rome prosecutor’s office opens a file for disclosure and use of official secrecy following the revelations made by the coordinator of FdI, John Donzellia Deputies. The case is known and has sparked an uproar: Donzelli attacked the Pd delegation visiting Cospito, citing “sensitive” conversations between the anarchist and some mafia bosses at 41 bis. The information disclosed, as admitted by the same Donzelliwere passed on by my party colleague (and roommate) Delmastro.

The latter, who has the delegation to the judicial administration department, today visited the prison of Perugia in the company of the prosecutor Raffaele Cantone, the Undersecretary of the Interior Emmanuel Prisco it’s at Francesco Zaffini, President of the Commission for Social Affairs and Health. According to what appears to affaritaliani.it, Between Delmastro e Canton even a casual dinner. A chance to get back on track Cospito.

The 41 bis regimeanarchist was also applied thanks to the precautionary order issued by Prosecutor of Perugia driven by Canton, as he himself declared last week in a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Commission. In the ordinance the Search contested “specifically the hypothesis of instigation to commit a crime while he was in prison”, by the same Cospito. Hence the need for judges to isolate the prisoner. And therefore of the much contested 41 bis. For the Melons anyway the case Delmastro-Donzelli does not exist. “The public prosecutor’s office is doing its job and the Ministry of Justice has repeatedly said that there were no documents covered by secrecy”, declared the prime minister on the sidelines of a security summit at the prefecture of Milan, reiterating that “there is no need to resign”. Maybe. But the case remains open and the storm does not subside.

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