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Rider, today the delivery strike. “We need a real contract”

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MILANO – Stop deliveries to ask for “a real contract, with real protections, concrete guarantees, fairness and respect for their work. In other words, a national collective agreement“. The riders who have crossed the closed cities for lockdowns guaranteeing home deliveries have decided to cross their arms (legs, one might say, since many move by bicycle) and ask for the support of users, invited to one day not to order.In Rome, Bologna and in 30 cities there will be garrisons.

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Carlo Bonini, Alessia Candito, Matteo Pucciarelli, Laura Pertici, Giuliano Foschini, Luisa Grion, Riccardo Staglianò

The network was the first to organize the protest of the messengers RiderXi Rights, which found great resonance on the net with the proposal of a #nodeliveryday. Tommaso (from the Riders Union Bologna network) launched the initiative, recalling the mobilizations in recent months to “demand full rights and protections for all riders, who continue to work in precarious and exploitative conditions”. From the Emilian capital he recalled: “During the pandemic we were defined as indispensable workers, and delivery an essential job. But we continue to do this work at 3 euros per piece without even the disease “.

The CGIL of Lazio has made the event its own and specified other reasons for the proposal: “All over Europe – wrote the union – the companies regulate the cyclists and guarantee rights, safety and salary. The riders become employees and manage to leave the piecework and exploitation. In Italy, on the other hand, Assodelivery continues to escape confrontation and prefers to succumb to court and risk paying millions of fines rather than really dealing with the trade unions. the agreements bring good results. The only way is that which gives space to negotiations with workers’ representatives, as Just Eat is doing, to create a real contract that protects riders and eliminates injustice and exploitation“.

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A contract, the one requested by the unions, which exceeds the controversial agreement signed by Ugl alone. A contract, the latter, a “scam” for the RiderXiDiritti network, “which maintains the status quo, continues to consider us self-employed without protections and rights”. The network asks, “as the maxi-investigation in Milan said, to have protections: we are not slaves”.

The Nidil of Modena added the reasons for the support: “Being highly blackmailable, and not being able to exercise trade union rights, the riders cannot strike, which is why they have called this day of mobilization asking for the cooperation of citizens and consumers. They appeal to the sensitivity of customers so that no online order is placed throughout the day. It is necessary to give a concrete signal of protest so that the platforms recognize the rights of riders like all other workers “.

Local public transport also goes on strike

That of the riders is not the only agitation scheduled for the day: today the national 24-hour strike of local public transport is scheduled, proclaimed by Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl, Uil Trasporti, Faisa-Cisal, Ugl-Fna, in compliance with the guarantee bands and organized according to local methods. “Although the collective labor agreement expired in 2017, – the unions complain – employers’ associations continue to practice delaying tactics and, therefore, the attempts made by the union to avert the strike were useless “.

These the bus, tram and metro stop times in some of the main cities: Turin from 9 to 12 and from 15 at the end of the service; Milan from 8.45am to 3pm and from 6pm at the end of the service; Venezia Mestre 9 to 16.30 and from 19.30 at the end of the service; Bologna from 8.30 to 16.30 and from 19.30 at the end of the service; Florence from 9.15 am to 11.45 am and from 3.15 pm at the end of the service; Rome from 8.30 to 17 and from 20 at the end of the service; Naples from 9.30 to 17 and from 20 at the end of the service; Reggio Calabria from 8 to 18 and from 21 at the end of the service.

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