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Sardinia, devastating defeat for Meloni and Cdx. Success for Conte and the 5S

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Sardinia, devastating defeat for Meloni and Cdx.  Success for Conte and the 5S

Sardinia elections, the government budget is highly deficit. Congratulations instead to Conte, who conquers the first five-star led region

And rude awakening per Giorgia Meloni and for the Centre-right. It couldn’t have gone any worse. The three government partiesproud of their false unity, they come defeated From one grillina (of quality)… We will obviously talk about the local factors that determined the outcome, but the Caporetto Sardinian is political and represents the first setback certified for the first time donna premier and for its narration. There honeymoon with the Italians it’s overafter a year and a half of Meloni-led government.

Now a sour will follow settlement of accounts internal movement among the centre-right parties which does not bode well for the the government’s five-year stability is heralded. And the controversies, resentments and grudges, with related clashes between Meloni, Salvini and Tajani, will only be accentuated and multiplied in view of the proportionalistic count of European elections. Governing is more difficult than being cursed and apostrophized by the opposition.

And the government budget is highly deficient, despite the story of the protagonists and applauding directors and commentators, who entered the court with spaces and perks. Of a year and a half of government, all we have left is the success of a prime minister most famous woman in the world, by virtue of his super-activism in the international field. But almost nothing more for things that concern the daily lives of citizens: from health to pollution, from justice to security and the repression of crime, from infrastructure to the territory, from the occupied and crippled RAI to the omnipresent and omniscient bureaucracy, from asphyxiated industrial development to the growing public debt and almost stagnant industrial production.

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All we have left is, to positivethe partial fall of the historic prejudice against the right of governmentwhich gives (theoretically) more flexibility to a possible future return to right-left alternation. For the rest it is pitch dark.

PS Congratulations for Giuseppe Conte, which conquers the first five-star led region.

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