Home Business Sciuker Frames: sustainability and Superbonus 110% key elements of the new industrial plan. Star goal by mid-2022

Sciuker Frames: sustainability and Superbonus 110% key elements of the new industrial plan. Star goal by mid-2022

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New industrial plan for Sciuker Frames (Sck Group) which aims to do the big leap in the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange by summer 2022. The company listed on the Aim market of the Italian Stock Exchange is active in the production of eco-friendly windows and in the implementation of energy redevelopment interventions thanks toEco-bonus 110% presented to the financial community the new industrial plan which envisages one in the next three years strong revenue growth to 155 million euros by 2024 and the achievement of a positive net financial position for 81.2 million euros.

The CEO of the group Marco Cipriano commented on Sciuker Frames’ growth strategies in an interview granted to Wall STreet Italia. The industrial plan of Sciuker Frames (Sck Group) provides for organic growth and a strong ability to invest in the industrial core business, namely the construction of windows and fixtures for the energy requalification of buildings.

CEO Cipriano: Superbonus 110% is promoting a cultural change

For what concern Superbonus 110%, dedicated to the energy renovation of homes, the top manager remarked that it is “an important component of our business because we have used it to accelerate our business and industrial plan, in line with the industrial capacity to manufacture our products”. “We believe that the Superbonus 110% is favoring a cultural change – explains Cipriano – it has changed the way we think about our home, highlighting the importance of being able to attribute an energy value to it. The house must be considered from an energy point of view like the car, now nobody buys a Euro 0 car but a Euro 6, the same must be true for buildings.
On the front of the sustainability the manager recalled that the company has minimized the use of plastics in the construction of windows while the production plants are zero impact. “Sustainability is in the DNA of the company that operates in the perspective of a circular economy between the various companies of the group” concluded Cipriano.

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