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Security, Calderone: “organic measure in the next CDM”

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Security, Calderone: “organic measure in the next CDM”

(Teleborsa) – The Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Marina Cauldrondeclared that in the current year, also thanks to the recent increase in inspectors it will be possible to develop a specific investigative activity 40% greater than in 2023. By carrying out the information to the Cabinet on the safety in the workplaceCalderone recalled that the staff available to theNational Labor Inspectorate is today equal to 3,198 civil inspectorsof which 846 technicians, plus the inspection staff of the Carabinieri Unit, INPS and INAIL.

Furthermore, given the results of the inspections on the very high incidence of irregularities in the field of health and safety at work, hiring will be released to increase the contingent of labor inspectors by 500 units, with a further increase in the Carabinieri inspection team (another 50 units) and the INPS and Inail inspection staff.

Appointment at the next council of ministers

Minister Calderone then announced that a measure organic for the strengthening of health and safety protection in the workplace, the coordination and strengthening of activity inspections and the sanctioning system, also in relation to subcontracting and illicit and fraudulent administration, as well as the qualification of companies, the training of employers and workers and the protection of regular companies.

Among the measures under study there is also the coordination rule of the Public Prosecutor’s Office on investigation activities for crimes relating to work and health and safety in the workplace and the tightening of the current administrative sanctions regarding illegal and irregular work, in addition to the recriminalization of sanctions regarding procurement, subcontracting and illicit administration and the ban from procurement from two to five years in case of serious violations in matters of health and safety at work or ascertained criminal liability for crimes relating to health and safety at work. The provision should also find space for Suspension e decadence dai benefits tax e contributory for irregular companies and the assessment of the adequacy of the cost of labor in relation to the cost of the entire contract.

Inspection accesses for the Superbonus

Calderone then underlined that there are strong ones critical issues regarding safety in the workplace were found in sector dell’building, based on the inspection activity carried out during 2023. Out of a total of 92,658 accesses, 20,755 are related to health and safety supervision, with an increase of 3,720 inspections compared to the previous year. As for the inspection accesses in construction, the level of irregularity recorded was 76.48%, with a rate of irregularities media which exceeds 85.2% in the case of companies engaged in work related to Superbonus 110%. The Minister explained that according to the latest Inail report, the reports of accidents at work presented between January and December were 585,356 (-16.1% compared to 2022), 1,041 of which resulted in death (-4.5%) .

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