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Single allowance for children, green light from the Council of Ministers

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The Council of Ministers approved the legislative decree implementing thesingle check that will become fully operational from 2022. The provision will now have to pass to the scrutiny of the competent committees of the Chambers for the opinion, before the final go-ahead.

This is, as confirmed by the drafts on the eve, of a monthly transfer of up to 175 euros, which drop to 85 for adult children between 18 and 21 years of age (provided that the boys study, do internships with minimum income or even the service civil universal), and then to 50 for higher incomes, to be paid also to families of foreigners, as long as they have been resident in Italy for at least two years. L’check will affect both employees and the self-employed and will always be provided byInps, at the request of the interested parties.

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The benefit is recognized for each dependent minor child and for the new born “starting from the seventh month of pregnancy”, the draft reads, and there is no age limit for disabled children. L’check it will go to the parent who asks the question or “on request even later, in equal measure” between the parents. In case of exclusive assignment “thecheck in the absence of agreement, it is the responsibility of the custodial parent. In the case of the appointment of a guardian, thecheck is recognized in the exclusive interest of the protected person “. The application can also be presented by children, once they have become of age, who can” request the direct payment of the check due to them “.

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The universal instrument, which replaces the pre-existing allowances and family deductions, provides that the full amount goes to those who have Isee up to 15 thousand euros. Beyond this threshold, the allowance progressively falls up to a minimum of 50 euros (25 for adults) for Isee over 40 thousand euros gross per year or for those who do not submit it. There are increases based on the number of children and the presence of disabled people, as well as based on income. And there is a surcharge if both parents work.

The application will be presented to INPS from 1 January for the period from March to the end of February of the following year, a period identified as more convenient by the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family. Elena Bonetti, in order to have the time to fine-tune the ISEE considering the incomes of the previous year (initially it was considered the calendar year).

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The passage to the Council of Ministers is actually the penultimate step, because the measure will still have to pass the scrutiny of the parliamentary committees and be ready to go to the Gazzetta before the end of the year. For the new measure, which absorbs the old aid to the family from the baby bonus to family allowances, there will be about 15 billion in 2022 which will progressively rise to 19 and a half billion starting from 2029.

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Meanwhile, the voice of the gods is already being heard Caf. “To be able to access the single grant, the applicant must have a valid ISEE certification. The number of ISSEs overall is destined to increase significantly (presumably an increase of 4 million Dsu) and the current coverage financial plan for the payment of Isee to Cafs (the service is free for the applicant) is not enough to guarantee the correct payment of all the activities carried out “, said Alessandro Mastrocinque, president of the Caf Cia tax assistance centers, on the basis of the draft.


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