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Spid users double in 2021: 26.1 million, 43% of Italians

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Spid users double in 2021. The identities issued to the population reached a total of 26.1 million active users at the end of October (they were 12.2 million in October 2020), with over 431 million accesses during the year ( triple compared to a year ago). One out of two adults has a Spid identity, 43% of Italians. A boom driven by recent regulatory interventions that have favored the switch-off of the PA, by the efforts of Identity Provider (IdP) and Service Provider (SP), by initiatives such as Cashback and by the need to access the Green Pass, which will be further pushed from the possibility to download free 14 certificates from the Registry.

Despite the growing popularity, digital identities still appear to be underused: only 5% of users use the CIE several times a week and only 15% Spid, against 41% who use home banking with the same frequency. One of the main reasons is a still limited portfolio of accessible services, with PAs that have just completed the switch off of proprietary credentials imposed by the Simplifications Decree and private companies even further behind: compared to 9,081 public bodies that have integrated Spid and 1,790 that have adopted CIE, there are only 59 companies in the Spid circuit and 3 in CIE. The main data that emerge from the research of the Digital Identity Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, presented today during the conference “Digital Identity: don’t stop it now”.

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