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State-owned and central enterprises accelerate their embrace of artificial intelligence – Enterprises – China Engineering Network

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State-owned and Central Enterprises Embrace Artificial Intelligence

The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council recently held a special promotion meeting on artificial intelligence for central enterprises, entitled “AI Empowering Industry Renewal”. The meeting saw Zhang Yuzhuo, Secretary and Director of the Party Committee of the Commission, emphasize the importance of promoting the development of artificial intelligence within central enterprises.

The meeting highlighted the necessity for state-owned central enterprises to embrace the rapid developments in artificial intelligence. This would enable them to fulfill their functional missions, seize strategic opportunities, and promote high-quality development. They were also urged to focus on building artificial intelligence industry clusters, to take advantage of growing demand and opportunities for applications in various scenarios.

With a focus on accelerating the development a new generation of artificial intelligence, the meeting called on central enterprises to strengthen innovation strategies, application demonstrations, and talent gathering. This includes a push to build artificial intelligence industry clusters and use the power of AI to empower traditional industries.

The move towards embracing artificial intelligence can already be seen in the actions of many central enterprises. China Coal Science and Industry Corporation, for example, has developed GEOGPT, a large-scale model for mining geology and an intelligent question-and-answer robot called Xiaowu. Meanwhile, Antai Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Steel Research Group, has integrated distributed energy intelligent management and control systems with manufacturing scenarios to promote green and low-carbon development.

As part of the acceleration of development, the meeting emphasized the need to consolidate a major resources into intelligent computing centers. This includes better use of AI technology to empower key industries and build a multi-modal high-quality data sets. This move will help to create a large-model-empowered industrial ecosystem from infrastructure, algorithm tools, intelligent platforms to solutions.

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The push towards advancing the use of artificial intelligence reflects not only a responsibility but also an opportunity for state-owned and central enterprises. By leveraging their industry accumulation, resource accumulation, and technical advantages, they are set to play an important role in the development of a ‘digital base’ and a ‘computing base’. With this embrace of new technology, China’s state-owned and central enterprises are taking proactive steps towards a digitally integrated future.

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