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Stellantis, shares for employees at 20% discount

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Stellantis, shares for employees at 20% discount

Stellantis, shares at discounted prices for employees

Stellantis workers in Italy, 45,000 employees, and in France, 42,000 employees, will have the opportunity to buy shares in the company at a discounted price, as announced by the company. This initiative represents something new for former Fiat and FCA employees. According to what was reported by La Stampa, employees of the automotive group born from the merger between FCA and PSA will be able to benefit from a discounted price of 20% compared to the market price for the purchase of company shares. The opportunity is not valid for joint ventures in which Stellantis does not hold a majority. The membership campaign will take place from 13 to 30 November.

Each employee will have the opportunity to purchase shares up to 25% of your annual salary. The company will provide a contribution equal to the amount paid by the employee, up to a maximum of 1,000 euros, and the investment will be tied up for three years, preventing the sale of the shares before 2026, unless specific circumstances arise. Tax duties will be borne by the worker, though Italian law provides tax and contribution advantages linked to the purchase of company shares of up to 2,065.83 euros.

Stellantis will make a website available to employees with all detailed information, including that relating to tax aspects, and to allow the purchase of shares. This move comes at a time when companies are facing pressure to help their employees cope with the effects of rising interest rates, to the increase in prices due to inflation and international conflicts. The French union Cfe-Cgc welcomed the plan, but underlined the importance of not forgetting the legitimate expectations of employees regarding significant salary increases. The CISL expressed a positive opinion, considering this initiative as a basis for developing further tools for employee participation in company decisions. Meanwhile, the minister Adolfo Urso announced the hope of being able to give good news in the next week, guaranteeing the presence of another manufacturer in the production sites of the automotive sector.

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