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Stock exchanges on the sly, await US inflation. The oil goes up

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European stocks without momentum after the rises of the first weekly session. The key passage of the day – and perhaps the entire week – will be the publication in the afternoon of the data on American inflation for August, an important indicator in function of the meeting of the Federal Reserve scheduled for next 22 September. Meanwhile, crude oil prices rise because, a few weeks after Ida’s passage, thepromise Nicholas has come to touch the coast of Texas.

In Milan, Saipem stands out and Amplifon redeems itself after the negative reaction (-4%) of the Stock Exchange to the 2023 plan. asset management company in Mediobanca. Mediobanca and Generali shares are flat. After the strengthening of the entrepreneurs Caltagirone and Del Vecchio in the capital and the subsequent shareholders’ agreement between the two, we look at the position of the current CEO Donnet: a meeting of the non-executive directors will open discussions on the next renewal of the board of directors in view of the true formal launch of the assessments which will begin with the board of directors on 27 September. Eni is up following the prices of crude oil and the rumors of interest from sovereign funds for minority stakes in the retail and renewable businesses of the San Donato group. Down De ‘Longhi after the placement of 4% by De Longhi Industrial and Giuseppe De Longhi which took place at € 35.38 per share (38.88 at yesterday’s closing).


The euro at 1.18 dollars, oil rises with hurricane Nicholas

To follow the euro / dollar exchange rate returned to 1.18 area, especially close to the publication in the USA of the inflation data for the month of August.

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Raw materials must be monitored with oil on the shields, due to the arrival on the Texas coast of Hurricane Nicholas a few weeks after Ida’s passage: November Brent trades at 74 dollars a barrel, WTI October is close to 71 dollars a barrel . Prices are also supported by Opec estimates: in the monthly report, the organization raised its demand forecasts by calculating it to 100.8 million barrels per day in 2022, at levels prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tokyo closed up 0.7%, the highest since August 1990

Closing at record levels for the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the highest level since August 1990. The market benefited from the prospects of a new government team in Japan. Furthermore, the progress of vaccination against the coronavirus, with now more than 50% of the population receiving two doses, also gives investors hope for a return to normalization of the economy – or almost – in the country by the end of the year. The curve of new Covid-19 cases in the archipelago continues to decrease after the peaks reached in August. The Nikkei index closed 0.7% higher at 30670.10 points.

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