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Tesla failed again, mobile app disconnected and users could not start vehicles

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Original title: Tesla failed another mobile phone application disconnected, causing users to be unable to start the vehicle Source: CCTV News

Based on Reuters and CNN news, on the 19th local time, a number of Tesla owners in South Korea and the United States said that their mobile phone applications were disconnected, making it impossible to open the door to start the car.

Some car owners posted a fault report on social networks as “500 server error”, that is, “fault code 500, server error”.

According to CNN, because the cars developed by Tesla allow car owners to use their mobile phones as car keys to open and drive the car, the disconnection of the mobile phone application has caused a large number of Tesla owners to be unable to start their vehicles normally. Although Tesla also equips each car owner with a physical key card as a backup, and allows to use the mobile phone application to open the car after the relevant settings are made in advance, when the mobile phone is disconnected from the network server, a large number of car owners still have insufficient settings or You cannot use your Tesla car without carrying a key card with you.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on the 19th that after learning of this situation, the company’s mobile application has been relaunched. Musk said: “This failure may have been caused by an inadvertent increase in the redundancy of network traffic.”

According to data from the network monitoring website Downdetector, about 500 users reported that at around 16:40 Eastern Time on the 19th, an error message appeared when using the Tesla mobile app. At around 21:20 on the 19th, Eastern Time, there were still about 60 reports.

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