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The automatic cancellation of Fliggy’s purchase of Global U-Speed ​​Pass is who chooses to “dislike” for consumers? _Ms. Pan

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Original title: Fliggy’s channel purchase of Global U-Speed ​​is automatically cancelled, who is it for consumers to “dislike”?

In the early morning of the 14th, it was the first day that tickets for Universal Beijing Resort officially went on sale. After a crowd of consumers stayed up all night and successfully grabbed admission tickets, they got together and received an “automatic refund” message from Fliggy. In the morning, “Flying The news of “Universal Beijing Universal Studios You Speed ​​Pass Automatic Ticket Refund” also appeared on the hot search. Many consumers reported on the social platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Weibo, Douyin and others that they purchased Universal Studios “Excellent” on the Feizhu platform. “Speed ​​Pass” is automatically refunded by the system. Later, Fliggy responded: Due to the continuous update of system visits and peak orders, the flagship store of Universal Beijing Resorts was delayed in real-time docking when acquiring the inventory of Universal Express. However, some consumers said, “It’s okay to be refunded. The problem is that the refund means that we don’t like to initiate a refund, and the other party agrees to refund. This is the most abnormal place.” Who made the refund choice for consumers? Who gave the choice of “dislike” option? Can automated systems really make “dislike” choices for people?

Stayed up in the middle of the night, grabbed a night’s sleep and was refunded

As a Harry Potter fan, Xu Lu (pseudonym), who has been looking forward to a forbidden trip since the trial operation, couldn’t figure out why Fliggy’s system could act for herself, who had been staying up the middle of the night, because she did not like it. The decision to refund the ticket.

At 11:30 pm on the 13th, Xu Lu entered the preparation stage with three mobile phones and three platforms (small programs, apps, and Fliggy). At 0 o’clock, the three platforms collapsed at the same time. “Basically the first three minutes are in the state of’Little Yellow Man (small program, App) + Little Flying Pig’. Basically nothing can be operated in the first twenty minutes.” Until 00:23, Xu Lu entered You can make purchases on the payment page, and make decisive payments with unlimited speed. After receiving the deduction information, you can rest your heart.

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“Our classmates and several groups of fans have successfully issued tickets within a few minutes to half an hour from the deduction. Because it is a real-time ticket volume and an ID card cannot be purchased repeatedly, I understand that Fliggy shows that I have successfully purchased And if the fee is deducted, there is no problem.”

As a result, Xu Lu, who was about to go to work after a night of sleep, glanced at her mobile phone and was not calm.

The same experience also happened to a netizen named “Xingjie Chunchunzi”. According to her, the ticket of the October 8th Usutong, which she worked so hard to grab in the middle of the night, was also refunded at two o’clock in the morning.

A reporter from Beijing Business Daily found from social platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Weibo, and Zhihu that there are not a few consumers who have been “automatically cancelled Usutong orders” by Fliggy.

“I went to bed happily after I bought it last night. In the morning, I opened my eyes and the ticket was issued successfully, and USpeedpass forced a refund…”

“I was also rejected by Fliggy. I ask if there is any other way besides finding Fliggy. I read the Internet and complained about 057112315, but I have not been able to get in.”

“This is also the case with mine! I boiled it for a long time! Then I received the refund message and was so angry that I didn’t fall asleep for a long time!”

Later, at around 2 pm, in response to the situation that consumers were automatically canceled after purchasing Global Premium Express at the “Beijing Universal Resort Flagship Store”, Fliggy’s announcement attributed the cause to “due to system visits and orders. The peak volume is constantly refreshing. When the flagship store in Universal Beijing Resort obtains the inventory of Universal Express, there is a delay in real-time docking. Some consumers see the page showing that there is still inventory, but after payment, the system automatically recognizes that there is no inventory, that is A refund was made and the order was automatically closed, “I sincerely apologize to you for the bad booking experience, and promised to inform you of the plan through the official Weibo before 20 o’clock that day.”

Who chose “dislike” for consumers

However, Fliggy’s explanation not only failed to quell consumers’ doubts, but also ignited a second wave of complaints.

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“You said it was a stock delay, I understand, but why did you choose “dislike” for me for the reason for the refund. Is this the system selected for me or a person?” Consumers who questioned Xu Lu are flooded with social networks. platform.

“What? The Universal Ticket Yousutong that stayed up midnight was canceled by Fliggy, and he also thoughtfully wrote me a note “I don’t like it”.”

“It’s okay to be refunded. The problem is that we don’t like to initiate a refund, and the other party agrees to refund. This is the most abnormal place.” Consumer Ms. Pan said that she entered Fliggy’s software at midnight to make a purchase. , But it always shows that there is a problem with the identity filling, in fact, the system has crashed. At 0:30, the payment was finally successfully received one and a half hours after the SMS was received, and the refund SMS was received. “I was very surprised, so I went to the order check and showed that the reason for the return was that the buyer didn’t like it.”

Another consumer, Ms. Han, also said that she grabbed Usutong on Taobao Feizhu Travel at 9 am and the payment was successful. I received a text message at 7 am this morning to notify that the order has been cancelled, and the reason is still “I don’t like it/ Do not want”.

Alibaba’s shareholding Weibo #飞猪北京环球影城优速通被System automatically refunded tickets# was still on the hot search list until 8:30 p.m. before the press releases the article.

What makes consumers even more strange is that the sales of Yousutong on the Fliggy platform have been declining. “At present, Fliggy’s Usutong has been taken off the shelves, but after looking at our orders, the sales of Usutong have been declining. The sales of Usutong has dropped by more than 2,000 in 2 hours, and it is unlimited. Usutong has dropped from more than 10,000 in the morning to more than 6,000 sales. It can be seen that some people may continue to be refunded.” Ms. Xu also said that the reason for Fliggy’s refund from the beginning was “I don’t like/don’t want to Yes”, changed to “The merchant cannot issue tickets” this morning.

Solution: Separately pay 30% of the actual transaction amount of the goods

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Faced with two rounds of hot searches, Fliggy sent reporters a handling plan. For consumers who have completed the payment but failed to issue the ticket and the order was cancelled: On the basis of the full refund, it will be based on the ” The “Fliggy Ticket Product Service Guarantee Standard” and the relevant rules of the Fliggy platform will additionally provide 30% of the actual transaction amount of the product as compensation.

At the same time, Universal Beijing Resort will specifically open the existing remaining inventory of Universal U-Speed ​​products. If consumers still want to re-order and choose Universal U-Speed ​​products, please purchase from them before 23:59 on September 19, 2021. Re-order to purchase USpeed ​​products on the specified date in the subsequent optional dates. Fliggy will notify consumers of the launch time and product link as soon as possible via SMS and other means.

However, Fliggy also admitted in the announcement that due to the limited inventory left, it may not be able to meet the needs of all consumers, and said that since the products of Global Uspeed are refundable before 0:00 2 days before the visit date, some parts may appear afterwards. If consumers re-release the inventory after refunding, consumers can also pay attention to this platform to repurchase at any time.

In the view of Zhong Hui, Chairman of Shangyouhui Cultural Tourism, Beijing Universal Resort is a hot project, and similar things will inevitably happen. However, after such things happen, it is necessary to formulate corresponding solutions according to the agreement of both parties and carry out the withdrawal. The method of treatment should also comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the country.

But no matter what the refund or compensation plan is, for Hami Xu Lu, it is very likely that there will be no way to enjoy a taboo tour before this winter, because as of noon on the 14th, Uspeed is completely sold out.

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