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The bill increases in Rome and Palermo as weather conditions worsen

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The bill increases in Rome and Palermo as weather conditions worsen

With the worsening of weather conditionsin Central and Southern Italy there have been increases in consumption and therefore in the weekly bill between February 17th and 23rd compared to the previous survey. Unlike in the northern regions, the meteorological situation and energy expenditure have not changed.

In more detail, the spending in the last seven days for a basic apartment a Milano it was 27 euros, one euro less than the previous survey. TO Roma e Palermo instead the bill reached, respectively, 25 euros and 22 euros, therefore reporting increases of 14% and 47% compared to the previous week.

The weekly report says so “Smart Building” by Energy&Strategy (E&S) Group of the Polytechnic of Milanwhich considered three regional capitals, showing how the amounts paid change moving from the North to the South of the country.

The analyzes relating to one smart home show the economic benefits in all areas of Italy deriving from energy efficiency measures, such as better thermal insulation from the outside and greater efficiency of heating systems. In particular, the expenditure is at least halved compared to the base case in the three cities considered, generating savings of between 11 euros in Palermo and 14 euros in Milan in just seven days.

In detail, in the Lombardy capital the amount to pay for a ‘smart’ house did not exceed 13 euros, while in the capital it was equal to 12 euros. Finally, in the Sicilian city, the bill reached the value of 11 euros.

By adding the savings obtained with those accumulated from the beginning of 2024, smart home users have set aside 132 euros in Milan, 97 euros in Rome and 71 euros in Palermo.

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Graphic by Silvano Di Meo

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