Home Business Tim (+ 26%) flies to Piazza Affari after the Kkr fund offer. Vivendi also runs

Tim (+ 26%) flies to Piazza Affari after the Kkr fund offer. Vivendi also runs

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Telecom Italia flies to the stock exchange after the offer of the KKR fund for the telecommunications group. The stock marks a price of 43 cents, compared to the 0.3465 euros of the official closing on Friday 19 November in Piazza Affari, but still lower than the 0.505 euros that the American fund would be ready to put on the plate for all shareholders to get to Tim’s control. In any case, the tlc group is worth 1.6 billion more on the stock market and has reached 9 billion in capitalization.

Inwit is also running, which has a holding company controlled by Tim as its first shareholder and could be affected by the eventual reorganization of Telecom. The prices of the first shareholder of the telephone group, Vivendi, also rose.

Overall, the European stock exchanges are positive but Milan (FTSE MIB) is suffering from the detachment of dividends for nine big names on the list. At the end of last week, the European stock markets had suffered the blow of the rise in the number of infections linked to Covid in the Old Continent and the decision of some countries, primarily Austria, to proceed with new blocks. Piazza Affari recorded a negative weekly balance. for 1.42%.

The euro is still weak: the inflation prospects with the potential moves of the Federal Reserve have pushed the exchange rate between the euro and the dollar below 1.13.

At Piazza Affari, there is a coupon detachment for nine big players

At Piazza Affari detachment of the autumn coupons for nine securities of the Ftse Mib: the technical impact at the start for the index is negative for 0.5%. To treat ex dividend are Banca Generali (2.70 euros the coupon), Banca Mediolanum (0.23) Fineco (0.53), Intesa Sanpaolo (0.0721), Mediobanca (0.66), Poste (0.185 euros) , Recordati (0.53), Tenaris (0.13) and Terna (0.0982).

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