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Tiziana Panella: “I’m happy with Parsi. We had to leave on the day of the illness”

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Tiziana Panella: “I’m happy with Parsi. We had to leave on the day of the illness”

Tiziana Panella: “Vittorio Parsi made me happy. The day he was ill we had to go on holiday”

Tiziana Panella, journalist and presenter of «Tagadà» on La7, talks about her life now with her partner Vittorio Emanuele Parsi, who underwent emergency heart surgery last December 27th after he felt ill. The politician was in a coma and said he had lived a near-death experience that marked him deeply, of which he remembers some important details, up until the moment of serenity: when he saw the face of his partner Tiziana Panella.

Now it is Tiziana who speaks to Corriere della Sera, about her life, her work as a journalist but above all her and Vittorio. She talks about her partner’s slow recovery and her life which has gradually resumed. “Me and Vittorio we were supposed to leave the next day, go into the heat for the holidays. He was in Cortina for the presentation of his book. And he called me that he was sick. Then on the morning of the 28th the news of the air ambulance transport to Treviso for the operation. I ran and when I arrived from Rome, he was in the operating room. I always stayed there, with his ex and his daughters.”

I saw first-hand how much love there was around him. But I carry with me the devastating fear. I wrote to him every evening, a short diary of the day, via WhatsApp. And then I was with his daughters and his ex-wife: before I had no relationship with them, but the knowledge and love for him made us become a united family. Each with the pain of him.”

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Then Vittorio Emanuele Parsi comes out of the coma, recovers and the great fear passes. And Tiziana also breathes a sigh of relief: “It happened when he took my hand and I realized that he felt me. But I only really breathed when he came out of intensive care.” The war in Ukraine was between her and Parsi: “He was my guest very often and we began to feel… then slowly, commuters of love: him in Milan, me in Rome”. Now they live together in Rome: “And at night I check that he is breathing well. He gave me the ability to be happy.”

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