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TSMC’s sprint 3nm process has now entered the trial production stage-TSMC TSMC

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TSMC sprints into the 3nm process and has now entered the trial production stage.Samsung threatened to take the lead with TSMC. In the first half of next year, the industry reported that TSMC is accelerating the pace of mass production of 3 nanometers. TSMC-related supply chains such as Jiadeng have also moved first.


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TSMC does not comment on market rumors related to the 3nm process. Industry insiders pointed out that TSMC and Samsung are competing fiercely in advanced manufacturing processes and overseas layouts. Samsung is currently leading the investment in new plants in the United States and intends to overtake in the 3nm mass production time course. It is reported that Qualcomm, Chaowei and other TSMC heavyweights Customers are interested in introducing Samsung’s 3nm process.

According to industry sources, TSMC is actively speeding up 3nm mass production in the face of Samsung. If mass production of 3nm can be made ahead of schedule, it is expected that the first batch of customers will include major manufacturers such as MediaTek and Huida. MediaTek Chief Executive Cai Mingjie announced a few days ago that it is cooperating closely with TSMC, that 5nm and 4nm products are already in mass production, and 3nm will be the next process.

TSMC and Samsung are completely different in their 3-nanometer architecture. TSMC follows the existing FinFET (FinFET) architecture, while Samsung uses a new surround gate technology (GAA). TSMC believes that the FinFET architecture can provide customers with the most mature technology, the best performance, and the best cost. It has been developed according to the plan and is progressing well. It has also continued to observe the use of 3nm in high-performance computing and smartphones. There are a lot of customer input in the application.

TSMC originally planned that the 3nm process will be trial-produced within this year, and mass production is expected to start in the second half of next year. The N3E process of the 3nm process family will be mass-produced one year after the 3nm mass production. The 3nm family will be another project. Process technology with large-scale and long-term demand.

Now it is reported that the mass production of TSMC’s 3nm process is ahead of schedule, and related supply chains such as Zhongsha and Jiadeng are also moving. Among them, China Sands diamond disc products have been supplied to TSMC for many years, but in the 5/7/10 nanometer process stage, it was once threatened by other foreign competitors. It is reported that China Sands has regained more than 50% of the high market share in the 3 nanometer process. .

China Sands does not comment on customer-related orders. The legal person believes that the unit price of diamond discs used in TSMC’s advanced process is higher than the unit price of mature process diamond discs. The 3nm-related shipments have started to reflect the revenue of China Sands since October, and will continue to occupy the market. Driven by the dual factors of high and higher unit prices, the company’s profit can be expected.

Jiadeng extreme ultraviolet (EUV) mask boxes are currently mostly supplied for 5nm process applications. The legal person expects that with the mass production of TSMC’s 3nm process next year, the amount of relevant EUV mask boxes will also increase. It is estimated that Jiadeng masks will be loaded next year. The performance ratio of tools and wafer carriers may reach 6:4.


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