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Ukraine, Romeo (Lega): “Weapons? Meloni invites the EU and NATO to be more cautious”

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Ukraine, Romeo (Lega): “Weapons? Meloni invites the EU and NATO to be more cautious”

Ukraine, Romeo: “The League is asking to make the maximum possible diplomatic effort to reach the result of a truce and does this mean being pro-Putinians?”

“The League does not create any problems for the majority, however we have highlighted a strong concern that the war, continuing like this, could lead to a very dangerous escalation for everyone. Support for Ukraine is not in question, but we are concerned about the sending and use of ever more powerful weapons”. With these words the Northern League leader in the Senate, Maximilian Romeointerviewed by Affaritaliani.it, returns to the Ukraine affair after his speech yesterday at Palazzo Madama, considered by many to be a sign of the League’s departure from Prime Minister Meloni’s foreign policy.

The United Kingdom would even like to send depleted uranium shells…

“Precisely, in the Chamber I mentioned the case of Poland which intends to send fighters to Ukraine. This continuous pressing on the accelerator can cause an accident from which there is no turning back. We therefore asked President Meloni to speak in the Council European Union also with the leaders of other countries and within NATO to carry on greater caution, while understanding the need to continue to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people”.

Ah, so you insist?

“Caution must be preached, given that there are many American analysts and experts close to the area of ​​the US Department of Defense who support and believe an escalation is possible and that this possibility increases exponentially with each passing day if a diplomatic solution is not reached immediately We insist that Italy, obviously not alone but with the other European countries, try to intensify efforts to at least reach a truce, given that so far we have seen very little to stop the conflict”.

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