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When will the Aofei convertible bonds be listed with the bond code 123131-share city

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Lots of people are paying attention to both new shares and new bonds. If you participate in the new lottery, you can get profits. New bond means to purchase newly issued bond fund products. Aofei convertible bonds have been subscribed yesterday, and the bond code is 123131. So, when will Aofei convertible bonds go public?

Convertible bond listing news

Aofei Data Convertible Bonds will have a new subscription on December 3 (Friday). Shenzhen Stock Exchange Convertible Bonds will be available for placement if they hold the underlying shares. The convertible bonds are referred to as “Aofei Convertible Bonds”, the bond code is “123131”, and 635 million yuan of convertible bonds are issued. The main business of the underlying Aofei Data is the Internet information service industry.

Aofei convertible bond listing time

Guangdong Aofei Data Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading domestic provider of comprehensive solutions for Internet cloud computing and big data basic services, and is committed to building a multi-cloud, multi-network and multi-terminal digital industry ecological platform.Aofei convertible bond bond rating: A+, the value of the conversion is 102.36 yuan, and the estimated first-day premium rate: about 30%, the bond rating is poor, and the conversion value is good.

It is understood that Aofei convertible bonds may be listed in late December.The coupon rate of the convertible bond is 0.5%, 0.7%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.5%, 2.8%, the redemption price at maturity is 115 yuan, the corresponding YTM of the face value is 3.4%, and the bottom of the bond is about 72.87 yuan. The bottom protection is weak, and other clauses remain in the mainstream form.

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