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Who is Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian “guarantor” of Prighozin

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Who is Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian “guarantor” of Prighozin

Beppe Grillo, Vladimir Putin and Aleksander Lukashenko

Beppe Grillo is no longer alone in his role as guarantor of the M5S. The friendship between Putin and Lukashenko is increasingly solid. Analyses

Since yesterday Beppe Grillo he is no longer alone in his role as guarantor of the Five starsnow has a formidable competitor in Alexander Lukashenko which is the guarantor of Putin against Prighozin in this strange Russian story. In fact, the Wagner mercenary brigade has taken the road to Kiev, Belarus, where the last Soviet satrap rules, Alexander Lukashenko.

But who is the leader of Belarus and a faithful friend of Putin? He was born in 1954 in Kopyś, a district of Belarus which is part of the Vicebsk region, in the northern part of the country. Communist, he graduated in Economics and joined the Red Army in 1975, in the midst of the Cold War. He remains there until 1982, with some interruptions. In 1985 he was elected director of a state farm, one of the many that tormented the country in the name of Stalin’s communism and which in 1932 led to famine in Ukraine that caused millions of victims. However Lukashenko continued to study and in 1985 he graduated in Agriculture, given that Ukraine is defined as “the breadbasket of Europe”.

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At 36 he takes the big leap and elected to the Belarusian Soviet as head of the party he founded, “Communists for Democracy”. We are in 1990, in the final stages of the Soviet empire which would fall in December 1991 due to the reckless maneuvers of Mikhail Gorbachev. Later he will say that he was the only one to vote against the dissolution of the USSR and the formation of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the CIS which is based in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. But we had to wait until 1994 for his definitive political consecration with the election as the first democratically elected President in Belarus.

His political program, consistent with the match founded by him, was aimed at limiting privatisations. In fact, his executive was characterized by measures to control prices and rampant inflation, doubled the minimum wage and tried to protect Belarusians from the impact of the free market which was taking on the aspect of a a sort of turbo-capitalism without rules which then led to the birth of the oligarchs.

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