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Work, in 5 months the workers in Cig have lost on average over 3100 euros

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MILANO – In the first five months of 2021, due to approximately 1.4 billion hours of layoffs, Italian employees lost a total of 2.3 billion, net of national personal income tax and additional regional and municipal taxes. This is what emerges from an analysis conducted by the Uil-Labor, Cohesion and Territory Service which processed the INPS data of the authorized hours of wage integration on which simulations were conducted on a gross annual salary of 20,980 euros (average salary of the sector private).

On the other hand, looking at the incidence of the loss on individual salaries, between salary reductions and missed accruals 13 and 14, explains Ivana Veronese – UIL Confederal Secretary, in five months the paychecks have lightened on average by 19%. Against approximately 1.4 billion hours of layoffs authorized in the first five months of 2021, the beneficiaries have lost, on average up to now, 3,185 euros net.

In Lombardy the primacy of the greatest loss of net wages, equal to 22.2% of the national total (504 million euros), followed by Lazio where redundant workers lose over 299 million euros net, from Veneto (205 million euros net) and Campania (189 million euros net).

Reform of shock absorbers, the government seeks 4.5 billion for universal subsidies

by Roberto Mania

In the more comprehensive reform of the social safety nets that the Government is preparing to launch, Ivana Veronese underlines, as well as making the instrument universal and tying it to active policies, there is the need to revise the maximum ceilings of the subsidy of wage supplements and their revaluation, which should be anchored to contractual increases and not just to the annual inflation rate.

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