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Xiaomi Su7: the brand’s challenge on the electric car is renewed with the Max version

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Xiaomi Su7: the brand’s challenge on the electric car is renewed with the Max version

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Soft lines that caress the air, futuristic interiors and the brand’s inevitable IoT (or AI) touch. For Xiaomi, the Su7 represents the long-awaited debut in the automotive world, a market segment in which numerous Chinese technology brands are experimenting. Like Huawei, which boasts agreements with the main electric car manufacturers in China and was the first smart mobility company to transfer the know-how acquired on devices into the EV world. Xiaomi Su7 has already been unveiled but on the occasion of the Mobile World Congress (Mwc) 2024 in Barcelona (the world fair dedicated to mobile technology) it is back in the news because it arrives in the Max version.

The Su7 Max throws down a gauntlet (or sends a certified e-mail, you choose) to the big names in high-performance electric cars: namely, Tesla and Porsche (which has just signed a partnership with Honor for the design of the Magic V2 and Magic 6 flagships Pros). Xiaomi promises that the Su7 Max goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and a futuristic driving experience.

Xiaomi aims for excellence, at least in the automotive world. And it pursues this aim by positioning the Su7 Max within the luxury segment of electric vehicles with a futuristic design and with an approach that could be defined as “total” with regards to in-car electronics. Therefore, the brand specialized in consumer electronics focuses on performance and innovation.

Performance is ensured by the HyperEngine V8 electric motor which delivers 425 kW of power and a torque of 635 Nm. More: the E-Coupé edition reaches values ​​of 495 kW (equivalent to over 670 HP) and 838 Nm respectively. power and breathtaking acceleration but without sacrificing the autonomy of the Catl CTB battery. Xiaomi ensures that you can travel up to 800 km on a single charge, without impacting performance: the Chinese-style electric car knows a lot about the balance between efficiency and fun.

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The innovation is expressed in several points. Nvidia’s Drive Orin platform, composed of two Orin SoCs for a computing power of 508 Tops (Tera Operations per Second), takes care of everything that happens inside and outside the Su7 Max. That is, security by means of a bloom of Lidar, 11 cameras and 15 radar sensors to keep tabs on whatever happens outside the dashboard. Inside, the dashboard is animated by Xiaomi’s connected smart platform which focuses on integration with the smartphone and management of the vehicle in IoT mode, so as to control the smart home remotely and the multimedia and entertainment functions locally during the journey. The Su7 Max will likely inherit the Su7’s Xiaomi EV Smart Cabin setup, which adopts a “human-centered” interaction architecture and features a 16.1″ 3K center console, a 56″ Hud head-up display. a 7.1” rotating dashboard and two seatback extension mounts that allow the mounting of two tablet devices.

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