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Are there you in the “5 constellations” who don’t know how to chat? (Photos) Talk | Host | Kaleidoscope |

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Are there you in the “5 constellations” who don’t know how to chat?  (Photos) Talk | Host | Kaleidoscope |

Won’tto chat withthe “5constellation”. (Image credit: Adobe Stock)

we always envy tv showshostso fluentlysay, and can guide others to speak, throw an appropriate question or idea, and let others speak out. However, some people, whether it is a colleague dinner or a sisters party, if the person they meet is a cold field master or a period king, it will make the people around them sweat.

These “5 constellations” are not naturally good at chatting, and often people do not know how to answer, and it is really difficult to chat. Next, see if there is you.

1st place: Virgo (8/24~9/23)

Virgos are sensitive and thoughtful, fast-thinking and very logical. They are born with the ability to detect the clues that something is not right, so they have emotions, and they ask to spread the matter and sort out the logic of both sides. Discuss again. Talking often is overwhelming.

Second place: Taurus (4/21∼5/21)

Taurus people are very gentle and honest. Although they are not the most humorous and exciting topic leaders in the crowd, they are the people who can listen the most. They are easy to fall into serious thinking. It is their advantage and disadvantage to believe everyone’s nonsense.

If the people at the party are not familiar with Taurus, they will even be silent if they are too embarrassed to express, which may cause other people to feel embarrassed, and this is not unwilling to talk, but unable to enter the situation.

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Constellation chat talk host
Aquarius people are chatty but stubborn. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Third place: Aquarius (1/21∼2/19)

Aquarius people are actually very fond of chatting. Although they are air signs, they are a very stubborn group of people. This stubbornness is shown in their views and experiences of things. It is usually difficult for other people to convince them, and sometimes suddenly The explosion shocked the people next to him.

Another logical type of Aquarius, because they have a wide range of friends and a wide range of knowledge, their logic is very special and strong in observation, and they can often find blind spots in other people’s thinking. Good intentions make it easy to say too much in chat. Although the opinions are very sincere, they are often too sharp to make you feel like you have picked up a gun? Creates a situation that leaves people speechless.

Fourth place: Aries (3/21∼4/20)

Aries people are enthusiastic and generous, always talkative, direct and lively, but this does not mean that they are “excellent chatters”.

They like to chat and interact, sometimes they are too focused on expressing their feelings, especially when they meet people with opposite opinions, they usually don’t have the means to respond amicably, and they will directly express their disagreement, perfunctory, or even A look of disdain.

You can say that Aries is straightforward, but if you meet people with different ideas, you can hardly talk at all.

Fifth place: Leo (7/24~8/23)

Most Leos are very friendly, helpful and often party atmosphere generators.

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But there are two types of Leos: those who are overly self-righteous, and those who are overly self-conscious, both of which are overwhelming.

Too arrogant lions tend to be overly proud, constantly showing their superiority when chatting, or insisting on winning others, often making people unable to talk. And the Leos who are too inferior, they are difficult to talk about because they want to constantly demean others in a joking way, so as to have a sense of superiority.

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