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Artist Admits to Taking Nude Photos: Taipei Prosecutor’s Office Launches Investigation

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Female Netizen Accuses Artist Huang Zijiao of Taking Nude Photos; Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office Begins Investigation

A female netizen recently accused artist Huang Zijiao of taking nude photos, claiming that he justified it as an artistic endeavor. In a live broadcast, Huang Zijiao admitted to the allegations and apologized. The Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office has now received reports from the public, including allegations of violations of the Drug Hazard Prevention Regulations and forced obscenity.

The netizen had posted a lengthy message last month, alleging that when she was 17 years old, Huang Zijiao, a senior in the showbiz industry, kissed her and took nude photos of her. She claimed that she felt afraid and regretful, and when she started crying, Huang Zijiao commented, “You are beautiful when you cry.” The netizen expressed anger and questioned Huang Zijiao’s ability to teach his daughter about self-protection, considering his actions in the past.

However, the netizen later clarified on Facebook that she was actually over 20 years old at the time the alleged incident occurred, emphasizing that she was an adult.

Following the accusations, the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office received a report and initiated an investigation into the case. The allegations against Huang Zijiao include compulsory obscenity and violation of the drug hazard prevention regulations. Huang Zijiao has been listed as the defendant in the case, and the possibility of conducting further interviews and obtaining additional explanations has not been ruled out.

The controversy surrounding Huang Zijiao has sparked conversations about consent, artistic boundaries, and protection of individuals in the entertainment industry. As the investigation progresses, authorities will gather evidence and testimonies to determine the veracity of the allegations against Huang Zijiao.

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