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Birds in Row & Coilguns – You and I in the Gap

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Birds in Row & Coilguns – You and I in the Gap

by Oliver on February 5, 2024 in EP

Birds in Row and Coilguns merge for the on Hummus Records as DIY Picture Disc released EP You and I in the Gap into a unit – as “an exciting culmination of their collaborative efforts, offering a unique musical experience that reflects their shared passion and creative energy.

While the distribution of the record is unparalleled – the 500 pieces, released in three different colors, can be purchased in the shop Hummus Records can be purchased at a price of your choice – the conceptual approach of the cooperation is also special: the entire material from You and I in the Gap had to be composed, produced and recorded by the band between France and Switzerland as a challenge to their own comfort zones within seven days.
Jona Nido (Coilguns) had prepared in advance with a handful of guitar riffs to kickstart the creative process. Meanwhile, Birds in Row embarked on spontaneous jam sessions at the studio, eagerly awaiting Coilguns’ arrival from La Chaux-de-Fonds. The roles within the project naturally fell into place: they opted for the Joris/Luc drumming duo, with Bart and Jona on guitars. As for bass, Kevin and Quentin discussed the division of duties, ultimately leading to Quentin’s role as the third guitarist. With two drummers, one bassist, and three guitarists, Louis concentrated on vocals and overall song composition and production.

This resulted in three homogeneous individual pieces that fit together well, but take place rather separately from one another and, as a whole, do not offer any overarching arc of tension.
Stranding Shelters As a straight rocking post hardcore with a melodic, even downright catchy gesture, it doesn’t take any detours, even if the bridge opens up the structures percussively over the abysmal chanting sound cosmos. How naturally and coherently the two bands pass the balls to each other in absolute unison and create a thrilling dynamic is pure synergy.
The Blessing pushes with shimmering force (e.g.: Vertical with a jazzy synth and pulsating drums, the guitars oscillate like a mechanical prism and the vocals are even reminiscent of…Andreas Spechtl?!) then closer in the clattering sound with noise rock flair and a shimmering groove Coilguns-Realms with the supporters Birds in Row im Rodinmode, while the foreshadowing and title song reverses the weight of the authors – as stoic screamo with math means, which, driven ever more densely, intensely and dramatically, creates a desperate catharsis.
How good a cooperation between the two parties would only be if the two bands had taken longer for the fine work than for You and I in the Gap – hard to imagine!

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You and I in the Gap by Birds in Row & Coilguns

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