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Cannon Fever – U-Boatsman – HeavyPop.at

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Cannon Fever – U-Boatsman – HeavyPop.at

by Oliver on December 8, 2023 in EP

Noise cleans Cannon fever (after the strong concert recording Live at Dark Easter Metal Meeting) with the help of producer Kristian Kohl on the U-Bootsmann EP potentially out to a larger audience.

The material, recorded professionally in the studio as a premiere, ultimately sounds noticeably cleaner than previous, rougher releases Cannon fever do it. A circumstance from which not only the singing noticeably benefits through greater variability, but which also allows the songwriting, which has become more accessible, to ignite more homogeneously.

Fight and storm leads the tendency of Noisesince its 2021 debut Menschenmühle practically only presenting more-or-less hits in a short format, ultimately continuing with consistency: the unoriginal but extremely effective staccato metal riff, combined with the sonar-sounding sound design, suggests better ones Rammstein think before Cannon fever driving the melodic death thrust in call-and-response mode into a killer catchy tune with an instant shout-along attitude. On the record, he repairs his chorus a little too generously, but live, at the latest, the fundamentally simple number will definitely hit like a bomb in terms of setting the mood.

The accident then oscillates in a more melancholic and contemplative way, lurking until the step on the accelerator recites with hymn-like ambitions, towards doom: “The last submarine crew/ Remains steadfast even in death/ This will be the last journey/ The iron pipe is our grave.
The number is less frontally engaging than the urgent smash spectacle Fight and storm, but actually the more interestingly composed, at least relatively subtle number with a presumably longer half-life. In both cases, however, the new, clearer one applies Coal cellar-Sound image from U-Bootsmann simply fits perfectly with the stringent development of Cannon fever to a concept blockbuster.

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U-Boatsman by Kanonenfieber

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