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Chiefs’ Victory Celebration Extends to Star-Studded Double Date in Las Vegas

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Chiefs’ Victory Celebration Extends to Star-Studded Double Date in Las Vegas

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Celebrate Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Victory in Las Vegas with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

After capturing the world‘s attention by starring in the most anticipated image of the night at Super Bowl LVIII with a kiss celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs’ great victory, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce continued their celebration at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. The iconic image shows them joining another popular couple of the moment, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, for an unexpected and intimate double date at the Zouk Nightclub.

These images were shared by Joe Oravec, a close friend of the American football player. The snapshot showed a smiling Taylor with her eyes closed leaning on Travis’ shoulder, while Megan and MGK flash the peace sign at the camera. Everyone was dressed in black, creating a striking image while appearing complicit and enjoying the moment.

This marks the first time that this powerful foursome has come together, which has generated speculation about a possible friendship between them. But this wasn’t Fox and Kelly’s only stop in Las Vegas, as they also attended a concert residency at The Venetian on The Strip to see Christina Aguilera perform. The singer shared photos of the meeting on her Instagram with the couple after her show.

During the Super Bowl, Taylor Swift captured the public’s attention when cameras caught her drinking a glass of beer in one gulp with her friend Ashley Avignone. These images did not go unnoticed by her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and his brother, Jason, who commented on the moment on their New Hights podcast.

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Jason Kelce confessed to being very impressed by Swift’s drinking. He described the moment he saw her sister-in-law drinking with singular excitement. While Kansas City was down on the scoreboard, Taylor Swift took the opportunity to take a good sip of her drink.

Kelce revealed that this is not the first time he has seen Taylor drink, considering her “a complete professional” when it comes to alcohol. He added that it was evidently “not the first round” for Swift.

During the big game, cameras followed the pop star’s reactions from the box to every decisive play by Kelce, adding an attractive element to the show even for non-sports fans. After the Chiefs’ victory, the moment of the hug surrounded by general euphoria became one of the most coveted photos. Travis then mentioned his girlfriend from the stage during the awards show and they continued the celebration at a nightclub.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift shared an intimate moment amid the celebrations. “Thank you for coming, baby,” Travis told her in that magical moment. “Oh, I can’t believe it,” the artist responded. “Thank you for the support, thank you for coming. Thank you for doing it across the world. You are the best, baby. Absolutely the best,” the athlete insisted, alluding to the journey Taylor made to support her loved one.

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