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concert #2: anais, dottie andersson, endless wellness, madsen @ fm4 birthday party | 01/27/2024

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concert #2: anais, dottie andersson, endless wellness, madsen @ fm4 birthday party |  01/27/2024

Celebrating radio fm4’s birthday on several floors in the ottakringer brewery is a wonderful event every year!

Admittedly, I wanted to attend the FM4 birthday party, but I didn’t want to check out any concerts. I would much rather chat through the night with friends than constantly keep an eye on the timetable and rush to the next band. and as the saying goes: things always turn out differently than you think. Right at the entrance, shortly after admission, I met a friend and we immediately agreed to watch the first band(s) together. It just doesn’t work without live music.

and so we hiked together to “anais“. The German singer and her DJ were bathed in bright, violet light and immediately started with numerous gestures and poses to accompany her singing. Right at the beginning she also encouraged the still sparsely populated audience area to clap along. that amazed me! Unfortunately, I couldn’t really do anything with her music and continue to “dottie andersson“. The Swedish artist entered the stage together with her two fellow musicians and my gaze inevitably caught on her high-visibility vest jacket. I’m sorry, but who told her that would be a good idea? Her jacket irritated me throughout the entire performance – no matter how beautifully sung her ballads were, I had construction worker vibes the whole time and expected a jackhammer to be used at any moment. At some point I finally gave up and made my way to the next bar.

I spent some time with friends and gossiped and gossiped – one of the topics of conversation was the band “Endless Wellness”. We were wondering how the hype surrounding the group came about and whether we should attend the concert a little later. somehow no one was really convinced. I then decided for myself that I would join the group “oehl“I wanted to see it because I thought the concert a few months before was so great. On the way there, it quickly became clear to me that this plan would not come to fruition: the floor in question was already closed due to full capacity.

So I stumbled into the set of “endless wellness“ and then thought to myself that it wouldn’t hurt to listen to the group for a moment so that I could have a say in the hype talk later. Well, and then I stood in this crowd and everyone went crazy: singer Philipp Auer danced and performed like the young David Byrne from the Talking Heads. Sophisticated German lyrics, driving indie pop music and an audience that was absolutely sure of the lyrics and happy to dance – the result was a cocktail of euphoria that I had rarely experienced from a young, up-and-coming band.

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I stayed for a few numbers and tried to understand the hype and then put together the following theory in my head: the young music consumers became bored with German rap in the long run and because they didn’t want to deal with English yet, they found the sophisticated German lyrics with a fresh guitar sound just right!

I went back to my friends, talked about my endless wellness experience and my thesis and continued the hype talk where it had previously left off. At some point, however, the next question was thrown into the room: who would go to which headliner. moop mom or madsen? And to be honest, I didn’t want to see either band because the crowded rooms were a bit tiring. Finally I was persuaded to come along to “madsen”.

The room was very well filled when “madsen“then hopped onto the stage. and the room was filled mostly with tall people. For me, as a very small person, this was actually a problem and I wanted to catch a quick glimpse of the stage via my cell phone camera, otherwise it was actually not possible for me to see the stage. And then the drama began: a couple who were obviously very drunk tried to take my cell phone away from me and my girlfriend was elbowed several times in the ribs. This was not how we imagined the Madsen concert experience would be. At some point we finally gave up and looked for other places.

I finally found myself at the back, although the visibility wasn’t that good, but at least there were nicer and less rowdy people there. From there I experienced some really nice concert moments: “Nachbaden” and “Die Perfection” were full of euphoria, both from the band and from the people present. I had completely forgotten how good the songs from “Madsen” actually were. I ended up staying until the end of the set and yes, it was good! And in the end I was glad that I hadn’t given up on concerts completely: concerts are simply the best, especially when you can see so many in one evening. thank you fm4 for making this possible!

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