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Creating a Timeless Home: A Journey to the Golden Age of New York

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Creating a Timeless Home: A Journey to the Golden Age of New York

Create a quality home full of emotional language, making it look like an old photo from the golden age of New York

By Tigerhood

Interior designer and fashion stylist Colin King has crafted a stunning home in Manhattan, New York. Housed in a historic loft-style apartment dating back to the 1890s, King’s residence has been described by many as resembling an old photo from the golden age of New York. For King, home is not only a physical place but a space where he establishes his identity, engages in inner dialogue, and cultivates his thoughts. Not only has he created numerous outstanding projects, but he has also published his own books.

As you step into King’s home, the bustling streets of New York can be seen through the window. However, upon closing the window, a sense of tranquility envelops the room, leaving nothing but a palpable feeling of quality. It is this attention to detail that has garnered King acclaim from major home brands and fashion magazines alike.

An interesting aspect of King’s aesthetic is his background in ballet. Although he chose not to pursue a career on stage, his years of dance practice allowed him to appreciate the charm of lines, space, and strength. These influences are evident in his work as a designer, where he has discovered the delicate balance between home furnishing and fashion.

While King’s home predominantly features neutral tones, it is the color brown that holds a special place in his heart. He jokingly claims to have a desire for 50 different shades of brown in his home. When it comes to material selection, King has a keen eye for craftsmanship, textures, imperfections, and the beauty that comes with age. The small textures and potholes add a dynamic beauty to his space.

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For King, the creation of home aesthetics is a process of constant trial and error. In his previous home, he felt overwhelmed by the clutter, turning it into more of a personal hobby display room. With this in mind, he sought to leave more space in his new home. Additionally, he tried a staggering 15 different paint colors before settling on the one he truly liked. The kitchen underwent three renovations before achieving the desired results.

King is meticulous in his selection of furniture, opting for custom-made pieces for doors, windows, railings, and sofas. Tables hold a special significance for him, as he believes they are the backdrop for many of life’s actions. Whether it be a desk, dining table, or coffee table, King approaches the selection with great care to ensure a comfortable living experience.

Nature plays a vital role in King’s home, evident by the abundance of green plants and rocks scattered throughout. These natural elements not only bring vitality to the space but also evoke childhood memories of collecting stones. King firmly believes in the power of nature to enhance our well-being.

When it comes to decorating, King encourages individuals to explore the possibilities of their home rather than focusing solely on the essence of each room. Upon discovering the worn and dirty floor in his current residence, King’s immediate thought was to polish it rather than replace it. To his surprise, the cleaning revealed the original vintage pine texture, adding a touch of nostalgia to the space.

Furthermore, King advises appreciating the beauty of the details, even in less ideal circumstances. Despite being surrounded by towering buildings that obstruct the view of the sunrise and sunset, the ever-changing interplay of light and shadow within his home offers an enchanting experience. The sunlight’s dance on various objects creates flowing surprises throughout the day.

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In conclusion, Colin King’s approach to home design centers around creating a quality space rich in emotional language, reminiscent of the golden age of New York. Through meticulous customizations, a keen eye for detail, and a deep connection with nature, King has curated a home that is not only visually stunning but also invites a sense of comfort and personal reflection.

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