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Crime Action Film “Counterattack” Starring Lu Liangwei Premiering on November 14th

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Crime Action Film “Counterattack” Starring Lu Liangwei Premiering on November 14th

“Counterattack” to Premiere on November 14th: A High-Energy Crime Action Film Starring Lu Liangwei and Ma Yujie

The highly anticipated crime action film “Counterattack,” starring Lu Liangwei and Ma Yujie, is officially scheduled to premiere on November 14th on Tencent Video, Youku, and iQiyi. The film tells the story of criminals who have developed a black cybercrime industry chain through online fraud and violence. The plot follows Ma Xudong (played by Lu Liangwei) as he returns to China to look for his daughter, who is deeply involved in “online loans,” and joins forces with the police to start a life-and-death game with criminals.

Lu Liangwei, known for his tough-guy image and high-octane action scenes, transforms into a tough internet scammer in the film. The 67-year-old actor balances strength and smoothness in fighting scenes and has contributed countless high-energy action scenes. The emotional interaction between Ma Xudong and his daughter is also a highlight of the film, with the bond of family ties maintaining their relationship.

In addition to the action scenes, the film also reveals the secrets of cybercrime and presents various cyber fraud routines. It aims to expose new criminal models such as online fraud and routine loans and help more people stay away from illegal infringements. The production team collected real cases and created a script that deeply explores the concealment and diversity of cybercrimes.

“Counterattack” is a collaboration between several production companies and features an ensemble of real-life internet celebrities. The film is set to premiere on November 14th and promises to be an action-packed crime thriller with a strong emotional undercurrent. Stay tuned for this high-energy crime action film.

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