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Cuban Musician Tirso Duarte Stabbed to Death in Colombia

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Cuban Musician Tirso Duarte Stabbed to Death in Colombia

Cuban Musician Tirso Duarte Dies at 45 after Being Stabbed in Colombia

Renowned Cuban musician Tirso Duarte tragically passed away on Tuesday in Colombia at the age of 45. The talented singer, composer, pianist, and arranger was attacked and fatally stabbed in the city of Tumaco, Nariño.

After the assault, Duarte was rushed to the Pasto Departmental Hospital but his injuries were grave. The initial medical report revealed that he was in poor general condition, suffering from severe craniocerebral trauma, and had sustained a stab wound to the chest. Sadly, he was alone at the hospital without any companions.

Local media outlet “90 Minutes” reported that the incident may have occurred as a result of an alleged knife and club attack following one of Duarte’s performances in Tumaco. Investigations into the motive behind the attack are ongoing.

Jorge Iván Ospina, the mayor of Cali, lamented Duarte’s delicate state of health prior to his passing and expressed his condolences on social media. Ospina wrote, “A true timbero has left us. To all the residents of the East of Cali, especially his beloved Vergel, to his family and friends, my sincere condolences. Tirso Duarte, with all his talent, embodied rhythm, cadence, and strength.”

Although Duarte had been pursuing his musical career in Cali, Colombia in recent years with his project Tirso Duarte and his Orchestra, he gained fame in his native Cuba as well. Known as ‘The Pearl of the Pacific’ or ‘The Black Angel’, Duarte initially began his career as a keyboardist for Pachito Alonso and later became the pianist for La Charanga Habanera until 2001. He then went on to become one of the lead voices of NG La Banda and also founded the Pupy and Los Que Son Son orchestra.

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The tragic loss of Tirso Duarte has sent shockwaves through the music industry as fans and fellow musicians mourn the passing of a talented artist who left an indelible mark on both Cuban and Colombian music scenes.

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