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Discovering Happiness: The Inspirational Journey of ‘Happiness Grass’

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“Happiness Grass”: A Heartwarming TV Series Shines Light on the Road to Happiness

Little happy grasses pave the road to happiness. Recently, the contemporary transnational emotional inspirational drama “Happiness Grass” was completed in Fuzhou, produced by Beijing Perfect World Film and Television Co., Ltd. Perfect Picture Studio. Starring Guo Tao, Pu Ni, Zhang Chao, Han Dong, Zheng Hehuizi, Meng Asai, Liang Aiqi, Liu Tingzuo, and other talented actors, this TV series promises to captivate audiences with its unique narrative and compelling storyline.

The TV series “Happiness Grass” explores a novel theme and presents a gripping story. It revolves around the Juncao technical team and overseas staff, highlighting their many difficulties and the glory of human nature as they journey on the road to growing Juncao. Director Bai Tao explains that each character has a distinct personality and contribution to the story. Lead actor Guo Tao plays Li Changhuan, a seasoned professional who stands up to coordinate and enlighten others when faced with problems. Han Dong plays Zheng Weilong, a hardworking and diligent disciple, and successor. Liu Tingzuo portrays Li Chunhua, a skilled worker with a slightly mischievous personality, while Meng Asai brings to life Li Han, a young apprentice who grows from a junior technical worker to a Juncao talent. Zhang Chao plays Zhao Qifeng, a Chinese overseas staff member who mediates around the team, using unique Chinese wisdom to solve problems. Each character adds depth to the series, embodying real-life personalities and carrying essential storylines.

In addition to its work-related themes, “Happiness Grass” also delves into family life. The series focuses on Li Changhuan’s relationship with his daughters, Li Zhiwei, and Li Qiaoping. Li Zhiwei, a female financial elite, initially fails to understand her father’s Juncao business. However, witnessing his hands-on approach changes her perspective, leading to a stronger bond between them. Li Qiaoping, the youngest daughter, starts off as a timid and introverted girl but is inspired by her father’s dedication to Juncao. As the series progresses, she grows into a confident adult capable of managing her own business.

The filming process of “Happiness Grass” brought together a team of outstanding film and television talents. The crew conducted in-depth research on Juncao planting technology and the development of literary stories in Yunnan, Fujian, and other parts of China. They even traveled to the Republic of Fiji in Oceania to study local customs and architecture, ultimately building an authentic replica of a local market. The crew’s professionalism and dedication were evident throughout the filming process, with frontline staff carrying heavy equipment through challenging terrains while enduring unpredictable weather conditions.

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The TV series “Happiness Grass” holds special significance as it coincides with the 10th anniversary of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. It adheres to the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind and seeks to promote global cooperation. With its focus on rural areas and rural development, the series explores an unexplored subject in the realm of TV dramas. “Happiness Grass” aims to contribute to the common development of mankind and strengthen global ties. As the series enters its intensive production phase, audiences eagerly await its release, hopeful that it will inspire new thinking and contribute to the global development agenda.

With its heartwarming storyline and talented cast, “Happiness Grass” promises to be a captivating TV series. It showcases the power of Chinese film and television to tell compelling stories, promote cultural exchange, and foster global understanding. Stay tuned for “Happiness Grass,” as it prepares to touch the hearts of audiences worldwide.

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