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Due to a lack of dollars, FlyBondi warned that it will leave two planes on the ground and claim the Government

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Due to a lack of dollars, FlyBondi warned that it will leave two planes on the ground and claim the Government

More of 5 thousand passengers who already had their tickets to fly with the lowcost FlyBondi Between June 7 and 9, they received a notice in the last few hours with the modification of their itineraries or the cancellation of flights. The measure, drastic due to the number of people affected, was taken as a result of the company he will have to leave two planes on the ground due to the lack of dollars.

At least that’s how they reported it from the firm through a statement with reproaches to the Government for the delay in authorizations for the payment of services abroad.

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Said breach “impacts the lease of the aircraft and the operation” according to the firm, which also warned that new cancellations and delays in the service are not ruled out. “if the situation does not normalize”.

In the document, FlyBondi stated that due to the delay in the authorizations of the Import System (Sirase), you are unable to meet your lease or lease payments of the aircraft fleet together with other services that must be contracted outside the country.

What does the statement say?

“The delay in payment forces the airline to leave two of its planes on the ground and without operating as of Wednesday, June 7. This measure affects more than 5,500 passengersbetween canceled flights and schedule changes in their current itineraries”, they indicated in a statement that soon went viral on social networks and garnered several expressions of complaint.

Two Flybondi planes will be left without flying.

The problem arises as a new effect of the lack of dollars that Argentina is going through and the management carried out by the Ministry of Economy. PROFILE contacted sources from that portfolio and from the Ministry of Commerce, but At the closing of this note there was no response to the query.

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In the statement in which it reported the measure to ground the two planes, the company also highlighted that “It has been carrying out all the actions required by the organizations”.

That’s why “trust that the situation is resolved favorably as soon as possible and that the approval process has the agility and speed that the aviation industry needs to be able to comply with passengers and suppliers”.

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In closing, the company highlighted that they concentrate 21% of the domestic market and that they transport more than 300,000 people per month. It is worth remembering that it is the flagship firm that the Cambiemos government used to promote the “air revolution” as they called the authorization of low cost operations.

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