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fell almost 14% this season

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fell almost 14% this season

The effect of the recession and the rise in inflation was also felt in the tourist activity this last summer, which ended with a drop of 13.7% compared to the previous summer seasonThe Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME) reported this Tuesday.

The report released by the organization covers the period from December 15 to February 29 and showed that throughout the season, 29.2 million people mobilized throughout the countrywith an economic impact of almost 5 billion pesos.

The fall, the text specified, was accentuated during January and it was not greater due to the arrival of foreigners, the sales supply and a drop in prices during Februarythe last month analyzed by the study.

However, although fewer tourists traveled than during the previous summer, real total spending, which takes inflation into account, rose 3.5% «hand in hand with the strong flow of foreign tourists, which raised the average daily expenditure per person to $44,048, 29.7% more than in 2023,” the survey indicated.

Fewer tourists, for fewer days

As observed by CAME, the decrease in the influx of tourists was especially concentrated in the second half of December and the first half of Januarywhile during February there was a rebound, thanks to “promotions and better pricing policies.”

On the other hand, the study reflected that the length of stay in tourist destinations was reduced. Thus, the average stay was 3.9 days this summer, when in the previous season occupancy averaged 4.1 days.

“This reduction occurred because the local resident reduced their time spent in the chosen destination, in order to reduce expenses“said the business entity.

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He also stated that “price increaseswhich were decoupled from income, led many families to cancel trips or shorten their stay time”.

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