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How this Wednesday’s strike affects each airline

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How this Wednesday’s strike affects each airline

The aeronautical unions, the Aeronautical Personnel Association (APA), the Airline Pilots Association (APLA) and the Union of Senior and Professional Personnel of Aerocommercial Companies (UPSA) confirmed the holding of a work stoppage this Wednesday. The force measure will be for 24 hours, demanding a salary adjustment greater than the 12 percent offered by companies in the sector.

The details of the force measure, which in principle will affect flights throughout the day, will be provided this Tuesday at a press conference that the unions will give starting at 5 p.m. at the APLA headquarters.

“Given the intransigence adopted by Aerolíneas Argentinas and Intercargo, the aeronautical unions APA, APLA and UPSA communicate that, for reasons beyond our control, we are forced to declare a total stoppage of activities for 24 hours,” the unions stated in a joint statement. .

The force measure was announced after the companies Aerolíneas Argentinas and Intercargo offered workers a 12 percent salary increase for March salaries.

“The guideline offered only deepens the loss of purchasing power registered in the current parity period,” stated the sector unions, which at the same time indicated that this percentage would lead “to an unsustainable wage gap of 70% with respect to the registered inflation.”

The workers pointed out that the announcement of the force measure that would start this midnight was made in advance to allow companies to “take the necessary precautions” so as not to affect users.

In that sense, they transferred responsibility for “any inconveniences that may arise” to the authorities.

Aeronautical strike: what happens with the tickets for this Wednesday, February 28

Until this morning, airlines had not reported cancellations or rescheduling of their flights for this Wednesday.

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Jetsmart warned in a statement about the possibility that flights could be affected and offered passengers the alternative of changing dates at no cost.

At Aerolíneas Argentinas, company sources indicated that no decision has been made in this regard and they still hope that the dialogue between the parties can deactivate the measure.

Flybondi, for its part, reported that it will move its entire operation on February 28 to the Ezeiza international airport due to the strike announced by some aeronautical unions that, among other services, will affect the provision of ground assistance service to planes and passengers. .

Given that the low cost has its own service in 80% of the airports in which it operates, it will be able to maintain activity during the day of the strike. However, in other airports such as Aeroparque this activity is provided by the Intercargo company.

Meanwhile, Flybondi made operational adjustments for tomorrow such as airport changes, rescheduling and the cancellation of 6 flights. Passengers affected by these modifications, whose flights have been canceled or rescheduled more than 4 hours apart from their original schedule, may change the date of their flight–at no additional cost through 0810-555?3592. Monday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

From Latam, meanwhile, they reported through a statement about probable complications on their international flights, and made available the possibility of making date changes free of charge.

All companies ask that passengers inquire about their flights on the companies’ websites.

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