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Huawei Demonstrates Technical Strength and Innovation with Mate60 Series and MateX5 Launch, Providing High-Frame and Smooth Gaming Experience

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Huawei Demonstrates Technical Strength and Innovation with Mate60 Series and MateX5 Launch, Providing High-Frame and Smooth Gaming Experience

Huawei Showcases Technical Strength with Launch of Huawei Mate60 Series and MateX5

In a recent press conference, Huawei unveiled its latest flagship smartphones, the Huawei Mate60 series and MateX5, impressing audiences with their technical prowess and innovative features. The performance of these new models has become a major talking point, particularly in the gaming community. Leveraging its expertise in software and hardware collaboration, Huawei Game Center has partnered with game developers to optimize gaming experiences, delivering high-frame rates and smooth gameplay. Furthermore, Huawei has collaborated with Tencent Games to release an exclusive version of “League of Legends Mobile Game” for the Huawei MateX5, providing players with a more immersive gaming experience.

One of the key enhancements in the Huawei Mate60 series is the inclusion of the Ark multimedia engine, graphics engine, and scheduling engine. These components enable fast image loading, seamless gaming experiences, and quick application launch. The Ark graphics engine, in particular, incorporates various technologies such as physical motion effects, data-driven rendering, game super-frame, and GPU Turbo. This integration allows for deep optimization in different gaming scenarios, resulting in improved energy efficiency and real-time resource allocation. As a result, games like “Peak Speed,” “Planet: Reboot,” “Back to the Future: 1999,” and “Honor of Kings” load faster, present richer details, and offer more realistic environments, leading to an overall smoother gaming experience with higher frame rates.

“Peak Speed” is a racing mobile game that heavily relies on high-speed and immersion for a realistic experience. By utilizing the Ark graphics engine, “Peak Speed” achieves a breakthrough by enabling an exclusive customized 90-frame ultra-high frame mode. Additionally, the game optimizes the Mate60 series shader compilation technology, significantly reducing game startup and scene loading times through cloud-side computing. This results in nearly 30 seconds of saved loading time. The higher frame rate ensures a faster and smoother racing experience, while the shorter loading time enhances immersion, allowing players to fully engage with the fast-paced “racing” experience.

Another game, “Planet: Reboot,” is an alien invasion sci-fi survival game that recently entered its final testing phase. This game also benefits from the Ark engine’s optimization for different gaming scenarios. It ensures stable gameplay while improving dynamic lighting and shadow effects as well as increasing richness in game elements.

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The collaboration between software and hardware is evident in the gaming experiences offered by the Huawei Mate60 series. Games like “Honor of Kings” and “Back to the Future: 1999” were among the first to be adapted for these models. For the Huawei Mate 60 and Mate 60 Pro, players can choose between two modes, 90 frames ultra-high frame rate and 120 frames ultra-high frame rate, enhancing character attacks, skill ballistics, movement, and viewing angles for a smoother and more exquisite gameplay experience in “Honor of Kings.”

Additionally, the folding screen capabilities of the Huawei Mate series have been leveraged to create an exclusive version of the popular game “League of Legends Mobile Game.” This adaptation provides players with enhanced control and a unique gaming experience tailored to the Huawei Mate devices.

Huawei Game Center continues to innovate in the gaming experience by collaborating with software and hardware. Huawei Smart Screen Game Center recently introduced several large-screen games, including “Onmyoji,” “National Chess,” “Happy Landlord,” “Defend Carrot 4,” and “Plants vs. Zombies 2.” These games, coupled with the newly released smart screen V5 Pro and Huawei’s pointing remote control, offer a flexible and immersive “giant screen gaming” experience. Moreover, the Huawei Smart Screen Game Center caters to the diverse gaming content needs of different users with family games like “Beach Fruit” and “Speed Skateboard,” as well as cloud games like “The King of Fighters 14.”

During the press conference, Huawei also announced its plans for HarmonyOS NEXT, highlighting the new Harmony kernel, native intelligence supported by larger models, and the disruptive performance and power consumption of the Ark engine. These developments aim to accelerate the growth of Harmony native applications, resulting in a smoother, smarter, and safer mobile application ecosystem experience. HarmonyOS NEXT also brings unique advantages to the distributed full-scenario experience development, further improving the gaming experiences offered by Huawei Game Center.

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With its continuous breakthroughs in hardware and software technologies, Huawei Game Center aims to provide high-quality gaming experiences to its users. Currently, the Game Center has launched the “Peak Speed” column content and a new version of “League of Legends Mobile Game” activities. The “Peak Speed” column offers detailed information on the adaptation details for the Huawei Mate60 series, while also revealing content from the new S3 season. The new version of “League of Legends Mobile Game” activity introduces new features, such as Asia’s top cheer limited skin, new heroes Shadow of War and Hecarim, making it an extravaganza that mobile gamers should not miss.

As Huawei continues to push boundaries in the mobile application ecosystem, Huawei Game Center demonstrates its commitment to delivering unique and high-quality gaming experiences through its hardware, software, and industry partnerships.

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