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“I Still Think You’re the Best 2” – Lin Mingzhen Discusses Her Experience

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The highly anticipated sequel to the hit comedy “Still Think You’re the Best” has finally reached theaters this year. “I Still Think You’re the Best 2” was released on February 24, which coincides with this year’s Lantern Festival. The first film was a box office sensation in Hong Kong, becoming the highest-grossing comedy in the history of Hong Kong movies. The sequel, directed by Chen Yongshen, features original stars such as Stephy Tang, Zhang Jicong, Wang Yunzhi, and Lin Mingzhen.

Lin Mingzhen, known for her portrayal of the lovable Ah Miao, expressed excitement about reprising her role in the film. Hailing from Malaysia, Lin Mingzhen has emerged as a notable figure in the film industry. Her performance in the original movie earned her nominations and positive acclaim, marking her as a rising star in the industry.

In an interview, Lin Mingzhen reflected on her experience portraying Ah Miao, a character known for her coquettishness and thoughtfulness. She described the challenges she faced, particularly in adapting to speaking Cantonese for the role. Despite initial difficulty, she found the experience of playing Ah Miao to be rewarding and enjoyable.

Lin Mingzhen’s portrayal of Ah Miao has left a lasting impact on her. She admires the character’s bravery and determination, acknowledging the positive influence it has had on her own life. The interview delves into the character’s development, as well as Lin Mingzhen’s personal connection to her on-screen persona.

The actress also spoke about the theme of family in the film and the support she received from her co-stars during emotionally demanding scenes. She expressed her gratitude for the encouragement she received from her fellow actors, emphasizing the importance of unity in the film’s production.

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Addressing the perception of beauty in the industry, Lin Mingzhen shared her perspective on the label of being “beautiful” and the importance of balancing inner and outer beauty.

As for the possibility of a third installment in the series, Lin Mingzhen expressed interest in returning, but emphasized the current focus on the newly released sequel.

With her dedicated portrayal of Ah Miao and her growing influence in the film industry, Lin Mingzhen continues to shine as a talented and multifaceted performer. As audiences flock to theaters to enjoy the sequel, her impact on the film industry is bound to grow even further.

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