Home Entertainment In addition to being my Internet mouthpiece, Qiao Xin can also be my beauty tutor | Qiao Xin | Beauty Ideas | Mingyan Beauty

In addition to being my Internet mouthpiece, Qiao Xin can also be my beauty tutor | Qiao Xin | Beauty Ideas | Mingyan Beauty

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In addition to being my Internet mouthpiece, Qiao Xin can also be my beauty tutor | Qiao Xin | Beauty Ideas | Mingyan Beauty

Article source: Ruili up WeChat public account

Original title: Qiao Xin is absolutely amazing! In addition to being my Internet mouthpiece, it can also be my wardrobe mentor!

Author: ZYJ

I don’t allow anyone who hasn’t heard Qiao Xin speak! It’s my Internet mouth replacement (female star version)! Direct and straightforward, to the point, who can refuse a beautiful and super talkative beauty!

When someone asked her how to balance love and career, she said, “Is there a way to balance it? Do whatever you want!”

When faced with sacrifice in marriage, she said: “If I sacrifice myself and we benefit as a whole, how long will this benefit last for me? … In marriage, women still have to rely on themselves, don’t let them Entrusting myself to others, I think it’s a ‘gambling act’.”

When facing her ex, she said, “I was a lot happier when I found out that he had such a bad time after breaking up with me. Okay, let’s turn the page.”

When faced with people urging marriage just by looking at their age, she said: “They will degrade you in a series of ways. But I feel that life alone is very happy and sometimes very hard. If you don’t meet The right person, I don’t want to make my own life difficult.”

The more I watch Qiao Mei’s variety show, the more I feel that she is a good sister I have never met. In addition to being sober in the human world, every sentence can be said, and every sentence can be said in the hearts of people. Even the joker looks so much like me and my little sister.

But Qiao Mei is not only super good at talking, but also super beautiful! From Guan Juer, who looks like a good neighbor, to a gorgeous beauty with a sense of extravagance, Qiao Xin’s ideas of becoming beautiful are really worthy of our learning!

Although Qiao Xin has big facial features, her square and round face will be dull, and the facial features are not obvious. The overall atmosphere is relatively cold, and it is easy to appear dull. But Qiao Xin’s American business is very online, and she didn’t choose the current popular track, and she didn’t try hard to integrate the feeling of idols and girls. Instead, the sense of coolness has been continuously advanced into extravagance, and some bright colors are added to reconcile the temperament to be younger.

Qiao Xin’s control of color has always been very precise, and usually prefers macaron colors with low saturation and high brightness. The off-white + green tube top is calm and white, with a large area of ​​skin exposed without losing the little sexy in summer.

The best thing is the combination of milk orange earrings and the same necklace. The flower shape is cute and lovely, which suddenly improves the color of the whole person and looks a lot more lively. The right milk orange is not only not too eye-catching, but also echoes the makeup color of lipstick and blush, and the color is comfortable and bright.

The pale pink gauze sling is very girly. It is matched with flower earrings of the same color and a large area of ​​pale pink blush. Not only the overall color is harmonious, but also the dullness of the corner of the mandible of the square face is blurred. It is indeed a good choice to choose a heavier color milk tea brown powder lipstick, which makes the makeup look more color-focused and can suppress the sense of expansion brought by light pink.

This Tiffany blue suit is Rui Jiang’s favorite, and the tube top and sequin dress has a retro DISCO atmosphere and is eye-catching enough, so Qiao Xin’s makeup this time also knows how to give way.

The matte small-range eye shadow and nude lipstick look very clear, but the retro feel of the short mid-length hair fits closely with the overall atmosphere. The color layering brought by the sky blue suit, although the color is eye-catching, but the nude makeup still highlights the extravagance and relaxation.

If the overall color of the clothes is relatively dull, a larger area and brighter blush eye shadow, and a lip makeup suitable for thick application and heavier color can also make people look brighter.

Or use a more playful method, using the echo or contrast of colors to highlight the overall sense of color. For example, the echo of the color of the neckline and the ring, the color collision of the pink suit and the blue nails, the color jump of the overall shape and the hairpin, including the elements added when retouching the picture, can make people more quickly capture the color accuracy of the whole person Take it.

Sisters who feel that they are ordinary and lack characteristics, try Qiao Xin’s color Dafa, it may immediately become the focus of the crowd, hurry up and try it!

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