Home Entertainment In hospitals to treat children with games and theater. Off to Imperia for the course for specialists in “Child Play”

In hospitals to treat children with games and theater. Off to Imperia for the course for specialists in “Child Play”

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The course, free of charge, is aimed at unemployed and inactive people between 18 and 30 years of age, in possession of a degree in psycho-educational, artistic, musical, health (rehabilitation) and is aimed at training “Child play specialists” from place in the pediatric wards of hospitals. It is a profile halfway between the animator and the educator who must accompany the sick little ones on a path that alternates playful moments with other didactic and formative ones. It was organized by the non-profit association “Il porto dei Piccoli”, founded in 2005 in Genoa by Gloria Camurati Leonardi, who first collaborated with Gaslini and then extended the activity to all of Liguria, but also in Emilia Romagna, Piedmont and Lazio (works in close contact with the Bambin Gesù hospital in Rome). Registrations must be made this week, for information you can contact the following numbers: 347/5589941, 345/6214524 or 010/8593458.

“Mainly through play we place ourselves as an instrument of dialogue with the child, trying to bring relief and fill gaps – underlines Gloria Camurati Leonardi – We are essentially buffer figures between doctor, head nurse and family”.

The association has about fifteen people who work professionally. It is financed through donations or scholarships, or, as in the case of the course in question, through European funds disbursed through the Region. At the end of the 600 hours of lessons, having passed the final exam, the students will achieve the qualification of “Child play specialist” to be able to operate with “Il porto dei bambini” in the main pediatric facilities. The course is mainly inspired by Anglo-Saxon experiences. For the activities and as tools for dialogue and care, the culture of the sea is used (in the ranks of the association there is also a marine biologist), as well as games, music, theater and pet therapy.

The application form can be downloaded at the following link:


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